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Tummy Goodness

Journey To Awesome – Eating Clean

Foood, Glorious Food! my heart and stomach sings in perfect harmony whenever I enter the kitchen, or a good restaurant, or Burger King… Yes, my body is amazingly good at singing for celebration of whatever it desires. Amazing thing the mind.

After the 12 weeks of the Fit Farm Boot Camp Challenge, I took a break. I needed a mental vacation from the gym and the people and the everything. I love the gym, I was just in need of a break from public spaces, people, schedules, everything. I did that, I did some catching up and some releasing of steam. I took the time out to reflect and wrote blog posts. So, I have 3 posts for this week, including this one! Yay!

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There are a few things that I find are true to my palate, they can make or break a meal and really change the direction of a dinner conversation. I speak about food all the time with friends, family, on twitter, facebook, here . . . So yes, I am a foodie.
I figure, with all the wisdom I can muster, I should share the little things that makes food so good that I dance or spoils it so much I’ll not return.

  1. When it comes to beef, Well Done = Over Cooked. This is more so in chain restaurants, anywhere Jamaican, and pretty much anywhere that isn’t home or serves in tiny portions.
  2. A good sauce covers all manner of evils. I promise, unseasoned flour is not noticed under a good sauce. Continue reading “Yumminess!”

New Foodie Love

Yes, this is a post about yumminess!

Sometime back I told you about some nice places in St. Andrew to just chill & hang out, this is from one of them.

The Cannonball Cafe’s Lemon Square:

One day, I was having lunch at Cannonball in Barbican and felt dessert-ish, not one for the very sweet, I took a chance at their Lemon Square.

It was a very humble looking thing, plain, soft, simple little rectangle with a puff of white on the side. Then I made a mistake, I tasted it and oh! what a taste it was. It was perfection in a square. The lemon was fresh, real Jamaican lemon, not sour, and not overburdened by sugar. The crumble on top was perfect, soft but not mucky, balancing the lemon underneath with just enough texture and taste. Then I said “Hmnn, is that icing? or is it something yummy?” Ha! It was FRESHLY WHIPPED CREAM. I started bouncing from utter joy. This was not Cool Whip or some other whipped topping, it was real. It made the already perfect square, heavenly.

I know it seems I’m making a big deal out of something simple. However, when you know the difference between well made pastries and what passes as “good desserts”, you celebrate each time someone does it right.

So I celebrate Cannonball Cafe’s Lemon Square! Fresh ingredients, simple, tasty, scrumptious and delicious. When you do something right, there’s no need to fuss and add lots of decorations. Leave it naked, let my taste buds discover it’s every layer of flavour, the truth will shine through.

Lemon Square, Twymans & Catherine's Peak

Sadly, Cannonball doesn’t have a website or fan page or twitter for me to link to, however, I still recommend them.

My Favorite Spots in Kingston

I love life. I enjoy life and I enjoy those whom I have chosen to journey with through it. As such I find a distinct pleasure in finding places to hang out, I’m not much for clubbing and movies all the time gets drab so a nice spot to hang and laugh out loud is always good :)

In the past year, I have found time and again that various persons ask me where can they go to just kick back, so I thought why not share a few. So here are a couple places I enjoy being with friends & family.

*This list is by no means comprehensive, nor is it complete. By all indications of life, this is just a list for this moment.*

Bin 26

Nestled in the Historic property of Devon House, Bin provides a getaway in the middle of HWT Traffic. Not that traffic is the only reason to go, but you know what I mean. Boasting to be Jamaica’s only wine bar, they serve not only wines from around the world but also rums, whiskeys and cigars. They have 3 lovely seating areas to choose from to suit your mood, a patio, a terrace and within their walls. A quiet moment for two works well inside, while loudmouths like me prefer the patio, and the Terrace, it feels a little more secluded while letting you laugh often.

If you enjoy wines, Bin is a nice spot to purchase or drink. If you are just curious about wines, Bin is the place to learn without judgment. If you just want an easy evening with your friends, Bin lets you hang out with ease. Though slightly new, I hope they stay a while and eventually open more locations ~ like in MoBay.

Bin Tips: Follow them on Twitter, Fan them on FB and ask for Ike if you ever feel lost.


Daily Bread

Better than their sister cafe, Suzies Bakery, for an easy casual Lunch with the girls. I like sitting out on the patio and feeling the gentle breeze that wafts through the ‘brellas while having a lemonade and playing catch-up with Lady A. When there, it feels like the perfect lazy afternoon that you’d like to spend picnicking. Yes, I have lost hours there and do not recommend going if there is work to do…seriously.

The staff is always pleasant and their offerings are of a supreme quality. Juices are fresh & refreshing; pastries are made fresh daily; Mediterranean delights just like grandma made. (That is if your Grandma made Hummos, Kibbehs and tabouleh)

Recommended Treats: Lemonade, June Plum Juice (no ginger), Plantain Tarts, Lemon Square, Kibby Platter, Smoked Marlin Wraps



I LOVE CHILITOS! Ok, it’s better to say, I’m addicted to their food & I’m attracted to their story. I started going there a long time ago, before Margerita Mondays, Taco Tuesdays or Freebie Fridays. I went for two reasons, good service & good food, then I realised: It’s a family business; 3 siblings, 2 heritages, 1 goal.

Chilitos has a heart of all things art, there’s artistic expressions all over the place. Prints in the shed outside, Rolling Stones Magazines inside, a wall of recommended listenings, a bathroom you could sleep in and some of the most fun staff ever. No, no one is perfect, but Chilitos makes an effort to keep the really great staff they have. I applaud them for it.

If I were to change anything there, it would be to bring back live music. They used to have these bands come and play, I so loved that.

Tips: On Taco Tuesdays, try to get there before 7, otherwise it’s packed. Try a burrito without the meat, even carnivores like it. Follow them on twitter, & check-in on foursquare for deals, specials and to be in the know.


Red Bones

Ok, so technically this isn’t really a hang out spot per se but it is a great place to eat, enjoy good music and share good times – so in my book it counts. Red Bones is easily one of my fave places in the island. In it’s original location, Red Bones was a place for adults and independent thinkers. They not only served amazing food but also housed an atr gallery and hosted art and film festivals. It has been the place I only share with those who have a piece of my heart.

How special is it? My friend Lady A, used to save her lunch money so she could eat there. Yes, the food is that good.

Though they have moved, they have kept that clear love for the arts, but have expanded. Red Bones is now a good place to eat, drink & listen to amazing music. They have shows every weekend Thursdays – Saturdays you can find live music there. They have brought what made them great to a whole new place and level.

Red Bones Faves: Lamb, Pumpkin Bisque (if they have it that day) & Flourless Chocolate Cake


Yes, as simple as it sounds, I love chilling at home. I enjoy feeding the people I love. I enjoy sitting on the deck with some wine (or rum or scotch or soda) with my friends and a few decks of cards. Khalooki (or Kalooki or however you feel like spelling it) with good friends and good food is always going to make some good times.

This post has gone on too long, I will have to do another to ensure I tell you about Cannonball Cafe, 24/7 Cafe and The Pub.

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