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If I Were Brave…

When I was a child, I had this purple-blue lump on my stomach. It was right below the my rib-cage, slightly left of center. I played with it often, much in the same way I will rub scar tissue, or elbow skin today. They called it my blueberry, and I loved it. Continue reading “If I Were Brave…”

7 Love Letters

The Challenge:

Over the next 7 days, I will post a love letter to each of the following:
My Best Friend
My Parents
My Sibling(s)
My God
My Future Spouse
My Crush
My Self

Join me on this exploration, follow the letters, write ones of your own.


I live in two worlds, born in the cusp of two generations, I am an analog being who loves my digital world. Quite a conundrum that poses I must say. It however is wonderful at times. Today was one of those days: Today, after not doing it for a while, I have resumed journaling. YES!



Why the excitement? Well because as much as I love my BB and my MacBook, they are limited in expressing my emotion in the way that my own handwriting does. Seriously. Go through any of my past journals, you will see writing that goes from tiny words to letters that look like art, accompanied by sketches and doodles.

The difference with this journal though is that it is a Futures Journal.

What is a Futures Journal? Well, I just made up the term today as I decided to give my journal an inscription of purpose. Use it if you want :)

A Futures Journal is a journal in which you put down the things you want in your life. Not in a “Let me sit down and work it all out” way, but more organically created. It is a place to jot things down as you get inspired, and a thing to look at when you get discouraged. More importantly, it’s a place to cross off thins as you achieve them. So, from the frivolous to the deep, jot it down, walk with it, be inspired.

Today I started a page: Kitchen Staples. It included things like Sea Salt, canned tomatoes, cornstarch. Why? because these things are important to the lifestyle I desire to have :)

Yes, I’m on a roll for the new year :) Up next: Vision Board!

Day 1

Challenge: A recent photo of you & 5 interesting facts about yourself.

As recent as it gets
(April 2010)

5 Things About Me:

  1. Though I don’t buy into astrology, I think the Asian one is pretty accurate on my personality.
  2. My hair stops in the middle of my butt.
  3. I take absolute pleasure in taking care of others.
  4. Very few persons have a nickname for me but many mispronounce my actual name.
  5. I am passionate & opinionated, but it doesn’t mean I don’t value your opinions & passions if they differ from mine.


To see the 30-Day Challenge List click here.

Be Resolved

It’s almost a new year and most of us have made resolutions with little hope of keeping them. We make them with the greatest of intentions but with little faith as we have become jaded. Because of this, we approach resolutions half-hearted, they are our token to the new calendar. A semi-wish, waiting to be dissolved in a few weeks.

I believe there is hope, there is a way to become better at this, setting goals and actually working towards achieving them not just dropping them like hot potatoes by Valentines. There is a method to being resolute in our New Year goals.

Here are my thoughts:

Step 1:
Set meaningful goals. What the hell? Aren’t they always meaningful? Nope, they always sound good but that means little in reality. “I will lose 10lbs” or “I will have a man” sounds really nice but what does that mean? Nothing.

Step 2:
Write them out. Do this like you would a sentence outline. Each goal it’s own independent point working towards a better you than you were this year. Doesn’t matter what the goals are, just make them a complete thought. You can always use the S.M.A.R.T. method: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Time Bound.

Step 3:
Set the Vision. Gather visual cues for your desires and place them somewhere you can see them often. Some people use a vision board, others make a screen saver, some cover a notebook, and some put them on their fridge. Visual cues are simply something that represents what you are hoping to achieve, a pic of Malcolm Gladwell can represent wanting to be an author for example.

Step 4:
One step at a time. Write out some daily things you can do to move you towards the goals. Planning helps. Knowing that walking 45 minutes everyday is going to help you lose weight gives you a daily activity to help you get there.

Step 5:
Be like Nike. Just Do It! Cliche as that sounds, you have to start doing it. Every book starts with a single letter, every pearl with a grain of sand. Nothing gets done that hasn’t begun.

Step 6:
Assess & Adjust. Look on your goals, your activities, your achievements & take some time to assess where you are and adjust if necessary the activities to lead you to the next step.

Step 7:
Report & Reward. Once you’ve gotten along and started moving towards your goals, tell those who will celebrate with you & give yourself a gift for what you’ve done.

Join me on this journey into 2011 as I hope to stick to my resolutions and become a better person than I am today.

My Resolutions:

  1. Become a more balanced person, in my commitments, lifestyle, efforts.
  2. Develop a new creative outlet.
  3. Participate in the 2011 Reggae Marathon.

I’m In Love With A Fat Girl

Admittedly, she’s not my type at all, she’s the marrying kind, just not my marrying kind. She’s not what I thought I would like yet I can’t help but love all that I have experienced of her.


I love her voice, the raw honesty of it. I love the sound of her music, the simple complexity of it. Her sound is clean yet complicated, elegant yet emotional, classic but brand new. I love her sound.

I love that she is not the average, undernourished, blonde bombshell. Don’t get it twisted, she is beautiful, quirky and cute with a look of unimaginable depth in her eyes. All of this is drowned out by how well she has mastered her instrument – her voice.

I first heard her music while cruising through some dance videos, yes I like watching dance, and had to find the song. I googled the lyrics, found the song, searched the artiste and found more songs.  A new love was born.

Just so you can fall in love with her too here are some more videos:

and the newest one:

10 + 10 + 10 is not 30

I read a post and was inspired so I’m doing a slight rip-off of it.

10 Sources of Inspiration (Daily, Blog-wise, Life)

  1. God’s Handy Work, also known as nature. The details put into a leaf or a thumbprint or a sunset.
  2. Food, well good food anyway. A meal prepared with care and love will beat any mass made or sloppy dish any day.
  3. Children, they’re just so innocent and filled with wonder
  4. People with very little doing a lot
  5. Disciplined, determined, driven people
  6. My island home, Jamaica :)
  7. Twitter (or advances in technology, communication, marketing etc…)
  8. My friends/soul mates/fambily
  9. The people of Jamaica
  10. The bloggosphere (eg. this post was inspired by Mrs Randoms Ramblings)

10 Guaranteed Smiles

  1. My nieces & Nephews – they light up my life.
  2. The child like wonder that overcomes my Dad when he sees insects or pretty much all of nature.
  3. Friends that I can be an idiot with just as much as I can be deep with
  4. Knowing I earned my Drivers License on the first attempt.
  5. Adventures with Sai-Sai – who really climbs through barbed wire?
  6. The Beauty of Nature, God’s creations are amazing.
  7. Khaluki (or Kalooki) – any day, any time, any where
  8. Fun In The Son
  9. Being proven right.
  10. Love – no matter the shape or form it comes in it is always beautiful

10 Treasured Moments

  1. Becoming a Member of COTR
  2. The birth of my youngest sibling
  3. Getting accepted to university
  4. Silent conversations on Far-Q
  5. Hitting Mark with the bottle of “red juice”
  6. Beating UTA in a Worlds University Debating Championship match
  7. Meeting Shaggy (the first time)
  8. Doubling up Sharon for the first (and only) time
  9. Baking cookies with Amanda
  10. Seeing Japan for the first time

Nothing is in order, nothing is a priority, it’s just random ramblings, inspired by Ms. Random

Necessary Luxuries

The Jamaica Observer interviews persons of “high standing” on their necessary luxuries and being that I do not qualify for their paper, I decided I qualify for mine :)

Let me say this first: Like many things in life I believe both terms are relative, Necessary & Luxury, I therefore encourage you to make your own list. I am tagging a couple bloggers at the end to see what’s on their list, no rules, no arguments, just what are your necessary luxuries?

Here goes:

  1. My MacBook Pro, I do sometimes wonder how I ever existed without it. I communicate, learn, connect with this device.
  2. My Digicel Blackberry, not the most advanced device, not even the one I dream about, but it keeps me connected. With family sprawled all over the globe – BBM keeps us connected from Afghanistan to Canada, to Texas, to Florida, to Dubai and here in Jamaica.
  3. iPod nano (5th generation) not just my personal music collection, I’ve also got radio, a video camera, a pedometer – can’t get that on the new one..
  4. Bridget Sandals, there are imitations of her work worldwide but a pair of handcrafted leather sandals concieved in the mind of this phenomenal woman is yet to be duplicated. There is nothing that cannot be worn with a pair of Bridget Sandals, from swimsuit to ball gown there is a pair to compliment them all.
  5. Notebooks. In a digital age, the notebook feels as luxurious as a real book. The ability to express yourself with writing or doodles or silliness and see your handiwork is irreplaceable by any font created by someone else.
  6. Last but not least: Friends, real ones are necessary and unfortunately are a luxury as many persons have never had the opportunity of having any.

Seems simple, doesn’t it? Now it’s your turn, I hereby tag:

Past Post – The Tribe


Thursday, 01 February 2007 at 04:22

Our Family, Our Tribe.

4 + 1 made 7,
I know this makes no sense,
4 out of 7 made 8
3 don’t mind the wait,
1 is gone
but none the less all of 14 are left
add to that another 3
and you’ve got this portion of our family tree.

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