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Journey to Awesome

Journey to Awesome 2.0 – I DID IT!

I know. I have been going on about this physical shift in my life… Yes, where I’m moving more and eating better and doing this thing or that thing. You may be getting tired of it, but I just HAVE to share:

I, the one and only SCsquared, have participated in ALL the 5K’s in the Corporate Area* in 2012! I am SO EXCITED!

I know, it seems like not that big of a deal, but when I started, I wasn’t even sure if I had the discipline to do more than one much less all. I had to gather the usual suspects and pretty much con them into joining me in March. Then in April, we gathered a few more crazy people to wake up on a Sunday morning and join us. After that, some fell out and others joined… We did charity 5K’s, just for the sake of it 5K’s, not sure why we’re here 5K’s. We did them healthy, we did them tired, we did them sick, we did them for the kicks, the camaraderie, the joy and to beat ourselves. Continue reading “Journey to Awesome 2.0 – I DID IT!”

Journey to Awesome 2.0 – 12 Weeks In

I had a summer like no other. It was filled with personal and professional growth, and simply a move towards being a little more awesome than I was before. Most importantly, I’m going to tell you about Boot Camp.

When I began Boot Camp, my face looked like this:

Before boot camp, I was enjoying life, not quite the way I planned, but enjoying none the less. I signed up and started the Fit Farm Boot Camp Body Transformation Challenge. The Challenge came with everything I needed to jumpstart my Journey to Awesome 2.0, I had scheduled classes, sessions with a personal trainer, a nutrition programme and regular weigh-ins and challenges to complete. Most importantly, I could win prizes! Did I think I would get the body I wanted in 12 weeks? Not even close, but I could get closer than if I didn’t do it. Continue reading “Journey to Awesome 2.0 – 12 Weeks In”

Journey To Awesome – Eating Clean

Foood, Glorious Food! my heart and stomach sings in perfect harmony whenever I enter the kitchen, or a good restaurant, or Burger King… Yes, my body is amazingly good at singing for celebration of whatever it desires. Amazing thing the mind.

After the 12 weeks of the Fit Farm Boot Camp Challenge, I took a break. I needed a mental vacation from the gym and the people and the everything. I love the gym, I was just in need of a break from public spaces, people, schedules, everything. I did that, I did some catching up and some releasing of steam. I took the time out to reflect and wrote blog posts. So, I have 3 posts for this week, including this one! Yay!

Continue reading “Journey To Awesome – Eating Clean”

Journey to Awesome 2.0

So here’s the update… … …

I told you all about my fitness track last year, but stopped short of telling you what has been happening since. In a nutshell, I got stopped in my tracks on my Journey to Awesome. Started what seemed to be movement to get back on track but I stalled like a LADA with a new driver.

Stopped In My Tracks

Last Fall, I was being all sweet and kind and being a tour guide with a friend of mine showing some Guyanese friends around the fabulous island when SMACK! TUMBLE! ROLL! We collided with another car in Port Antonio. I opened my eyes to see what looked like smoke, and could barely breathe. Somehow I was caught in the front seat, between the gear stick and the passenger door – how did I get here from the back of the car? No clue. The passenger seat? Well it was flattened out, right into the seat I started out in. Yep. This was not good.

What was left of the car

We got out of the car, I looked on my arm and all I could think was OMG! My arm is broken! I’m not even feeling it! I think the words “Oh God” came out of my mouth so rapidly and often that no one could understand what I said. I inhaled and swore I damaged a rib or two. Immediate reaction was to figure out 2 things: 1. Where is my phone – I’m calling my father & 2. How am I going to get to the hospital. Continue reading “Journey to Awesome 2.0”

Seeking The Impossible

Happy New Year my dear readers :)

Last year I posted some of my resolutions, and I did have growth in those areas however, I’m always looking for something new. I’m addicted to new, and it’s biblical so that’s ok. :)

In my daily discovery of blogs and new things, I happened upon the Blog of Impossible Things, by Joel Runyon. Let’s just say, my light bulb flicked on. His philosophy is that you can achieve the impossible everyday, by conquering your Impossible List instead of hoping to fulfill a bucket list. He redefined impossible, which lines up with my “everything is relative” approach to most things, to being things that are seemingly impossible for you. Continue reading “Seeking The Impossible”

Journey to Awesome!

I have this pic on my vision board
My Idea of Healthy

In December, I wrote a post “Be Resolved” about setting and achieving New Years Resolutions.
We are in June, all of 6 months later, and I wanted to say a few things…

I stated 3 of my Long Term Goals, but today I’m going to tell you about just one of them: Participate in the Reggae Marathon 2011. This New Years Resolution really is a part of a longer goal of becoming a better me – a healthier me.

So here’s my story so far:
My little sis, is a health-focused individual, she has her own goals and a part of achieving them meant getting a personal trainer to get her beyond a plateau… loving her, I had expressed the desire to help cover the cost for a bit. In all her wisdom, she turned it down and suggested, I get the services for myself instead. Continue reading “Journey to Awesome!”

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