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There’s Just Something About @Chunchi!

To know her is to love her. That’s the most accurate way to explain Chunchi. There is no other way to explain our friendship or our tolerance of each other. In fact, I don’t think our friendship works in the “natural order of things”. It really doesn’t. Chunchi 2016

I mean really, we have pretty much nothing in common. Continue reading “There’s Just Something About @Chunchi!”

The Truth About Friendship


Someone asked me if I was still close with people I went to high school with, ahhhm – No. She was shocked, partly because her long lasting friendships were birthed in High School. Truthfully, a lot of people have that experience – I’m not one of them. This is not to discount the value of anyone I went to high school (or prep school for that matter) with, it’s just that we were classmates – not friends.

My reality is just different. I come from a home of 7 children, who for the most part were taught – you have each other and that’s all you need. Additionally, I was fortunate enough to grow up simultaneously in two great neighbourhoods filled with kids and where everyone was part of the family. Seriously, we ate dinner at various houses each night. My closest friends, the ones I trust the most, call the most, e-mail the most are from these two neighbourhoods, Innswood & Gallery. They say, “Blood is thicker than water”, I say “Concrete is thicker than blood, and they are my foundation.”

I say all of that to tell you, the truths of friendship, according to me:

  1. Not everyone that you know and have had a conversation with is your friend.
  2. You can be someone’s friend, without them being yours. In other words, friendship is mutual but being a friend isn’t.
  3. You know you’re friends when the convenience is gone and you still choose each other.
  4. Not all friendships are for life, some are just for a season.
  5. On that note, “We used to be friends” does not mean we had a fight and are in malice, it just means life happened.
  6. These people are not automatically friends: Class-mate, dorm-mate, room-mate, church sister/brother, siblings, cousins, bredren, sistren, friend of a friend, parrie, Boy/girlfriends friend, co-worker, god-siblings, parent’s friends kids, neighbours, ….and the list can go on forever
  7. Friends are trust worthy, honest, caring towards you.
  8. Anyone that gossips about others with you will gossip about you with others ~ my Dad told me this early on in high school and I trust it as Gospel
  9. It’s not just mutual interests that make you friends, it’s a mutual positive influence on each other, a mutual desire to be together . . . .

What are your friendship truths?

Journey to Awesome 2.0 – I DID IT!

I know. I have been going on about this physical shift in my life… Yes, where I’m moving more and eating better and doing this thing or that thing. You may be getting tired of it, but I just HAVE to share:

I, the one and only SCsquared, have participated in ALL the 5K’s in the Corporate Area* in 2012! I am SO EXCITED!

I know, it seems like not that big of a deal, but when I started, I wasn’t even sure if I had the discipline to do more than one much less all. I had to gather the usual suspects and pretty much con them into joining me in March. Then in April, we gathered a few more crazy people to wake up on a Sunday morning and join us. After that, some fell out and others joined… We did charity 5K’s, just for the sake of it 5K’s, not sure why we’re here 5K’s. We did them healthy, we did them tired, we did them sick, we did them for the kicks, the camaraderie, the joy and to beat ourselves. Continue reading “Journey to Awesome 2.0 – I DID IT!”

Love Song for my Friend

I love love songs. I love the idea that you can be so moved by how you feel about someone or something that you have to write it and release it. Even more, I love that love songs pull out our emotions about ourselves and the things in our environment.This being said, I listen to them almost constantly.

Yesterday, I was listening to some music, and a song began to play. From the first moment I heard this song, I thought of my dear friend. I was always cautious of saying it because I thought it was a little overbearing on the commitment – then yesterday happened. As I listened to the lyrics, I realised, I do feel this way about my friend. Well, select lyrics in the song are spot on, some are not quite as on target. So I will share the song and the important lyrics:

“When the rain is blowing in your face,
And the whole world is on your case,
I could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love” Continue reading “Love Song for my Friend”

Day 18

Challenge: A letter to someone you miss.

I do not know what to write or who to write to. I rarely miss anyone. Ok, I miss people who I can never see again, but there’s already one to my Mom, I doubt I’d write to any of the other persons who have died around me. I might as well write to TuPac or Aaliyah, cause you know, I just wish they’d lived longer. At absolute most, I think if anyone, I’d probably write Michelle.

I’ll consider it and update this post later today…


Day 10

Challenge: Your best friend.

This is the impossible request. I have a problem with calling anyone my bestest friend. My closest friends however are: Kamal, Djuvane, Mishka, Leel, Tamille, Gillian and Taj. They are permanently in my life. I trust them without reservation. They know more about me than any other person, yet they love me anyway.

However, beyond all that, beyond the concepts of friendship, sisterhood, and everything in between the one person that I have been to hell and back with, run from dogs with and climbed through barbed wire with is Saidah.

Through time never ending, Sai is the one who knows my heart. The one who even when on the other side of the planet knows when to call. The one who will be there with sneakers at my wedding – just in case :). Sai, is the one that I without a doubt would fight on behalf of. The one whose heart I will defend. The one whose heart I know as well as my own. In Sai, I have more than a sister, more than a friend, in her I have a soul mate.*


*I think we have already spoken about soul mates.


*The 30-Day Challenge List*

Day 3

Challenge: A photo of you and your friends.

I’m not good on being in pics, I prefer to take them but here’s something I made with the pics I could find.We shall call it the FB collection, why? because I went into Facebook and stole almost all of them. Will do something similar for Day 4 with the fam.

This means pics from random points in time. So some are from “wi did likkle”, others from a fun night out, a few from a boring night out, and many random ones.



P. S. the music is by Toby Mac – Love Is In The House


*The 30-Day Challenge List*

I’ve Been Nominated

The Ponderings of SCSquared has been nominated for Best Personal Blog. :)

The Jamaica Blog Awards is in its first year and seeks to bring blogging to the forefront in the minds of our people by awarding excellence. Nominations were open, and voting to this point is open until January 3. There will be a Top 5 announced and there will then be a winner chosen.

Vote Now. Vote Daily.


My Favorite Spots in Kingston

I love life. I enjoy life and I enjoy those whom I have chosen to journey with through it. As such I find a distinct pleasure in finding places to hang out, I’m not much for clubbing and movies all the time gets drab so a nice spot to hang and laugh out loud is always good :)

In the past year, I have found time and again that various persons ask me where can they go to just kick back, so I thought why not share a few. So here are a couple places I enjoy being with friends & family.

*This list is by no means comprehensive, nor is it complete. By all indications of life, this is just a list for this moment.*

Bin 26

Nestled in the Historic property of Devon House, Bin provides a getaway in the middle of HWT Traffic. Not that traffic is the only reason to go, but you know what I mean. Boasting to be Jamaica’s only wine bar, they serve not only wines from around the world but also rums, whiskeys and cigars. They have 3 lovely seating areas to choose from to suit your mood, a patio, a terrace and within their walls. A quiet moment for two works well inside, while loudmouths like me prefer the patio, and the Terrace, it feels a little more secluded while letting you laugh often.

If you enjoy wines, Bin is a nice spot to purchase or drink. If you are just curious about wines, Bin is the place to learn without judgment. If you just want an easy evening with your friends, Bin lets you hang out with ease. Though slightly new, I hope they stay a while and eventually open more locations ~ like in MoBay.

Bin Tips: Follow them on Twitter, Fan them on FB and ask for Ike if you ever feel lost.


Daily Bread

Better than their sister cafe, Suzies Bakery, for an easy casual Lunch with the girls. I like sitting out on the patio and feeling the gentle breeze that wafts through the ‘brellas while having a lemonade and playing catch-up with Lady A. When there, it feels like the perfect lazy afternoon that you’d like to spend picnicking. Yes, I have lost hours there and do not recommend going if there is work to do…seriously.

The staff is always pleasant and their offerings are of a supreme quality. Juices are fresh & refreshing; pastries are made fresh daily; Mediterranean delights just like grandma made. (That is if your Grandma made Hummos, Kibbehs and tabouleh)

Recommended Treats: Lemonade, June Plum Juice (no ginger), Plantain Tarts, Lemon Square, Kibby Platter, Smoked Marlin Wraps



I LOVE CHILITOS! Ok, it’s better to say, I’m addicted to their food & I’m attracted to their story. I started going there a long time ago, before Margerita Mondays, Taco Tuesdays or Freebie Fridays. I went for two reasons, good service & good food, then I realised: It’s a family business; 3 siblings, 2 heritages, 1 goal.

Chilitos has a heart of all things art, there’s artistic expressions all over the place. Prints in the shed outside, Rolling Stones Magazines inside, a wall of recommended listenings, a bathroom you could sleep in and some of the most fun staff ever. No, no one is perfect, but Chilitos makes an effort to keep the really great staff they have. I applaud them for it.

If I were to change anything there, it would be to bring back live music. They used to have these bands come and play, I so loved that.

Tips: On Taco Tuesdays, try to get there before 7, otherwise it’s packed. Try a burrito without the meat, even carnivores like it. Follow them on twitter, & check-in on foursquare for deals, specials and to be in the know.


Red Bones

Ok, so technically this isn’t really a hang out spot per se but it is a great place to eat, enjoy good music and share good times – so in my book it counts. Red Bones is easily one of my fave places in the island. In it’s original location, Red Bones was a place for adults and independent thinkers. They not only served amazing food but also housed an atr gallery and hosted art and film festivals. It has been the place I only share with those who have a piece of my heart.

How special is it? My friend Lady A, used to save her lunch money so she could eat there. Yes, the food is that good.

Though they have moved, they have kept that clear love for the arts, but have expanded. Red Bones is now a good place to eat, drink & listen to amazing music. They have shows every weekend Thursdays – Saturdays you can find live music there. They have brought what made them great to a whole new place and level.

Red Bones Faves: Lamb, Pumpkin Bisque (if they have it that day) & Flourless Chocolate Cake


Yes, as simple as it sounds, I love chilling at home. I enjoy feeding the people I love. I enjoy sitting on the deck with some wine (or rum or scotch or soda) with my friends and a few decks of cards. Khalooki (or Kalooki or however you feel like spelling it) with good friends and good food is always going to make some good times.

This post has gone on too long, I will have to do another to ensure I tell you about Cannonball Cafe, 24/7 Cafe and The Pub.

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