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30-Day Blog Challenge

A 30-Day Blog Challenge done by friends and continued by me. 30 days straight.

Day 30

Challenge: Who are you?

Who am I?

I am the descendant of Royalty, Priesthoods and Slaves,
I am the child of a legacy yet unfolding,
I am the promise of prosperity and hope.

You see me and underestimate my hearts desire
You understand not my will in the task
You see but surface and search no further.

I am called to tend to the wounds of the broken
I am called to reflect His love
I am called to be a living testimony.

I am the manifestation of a nations vision
I am the change yet to come,
I am that which was prophesied over hearts and minds.

I am the burdened caretaker of the vision
I am the keeper of the light
I am waiting for fulfillment of purpose.

I am yet worthy of these gifts of hope and love
I am still child and servant to the King
I am in awe of you, my nation, my God, my hope.

(C) @scsquared, January 30, 2011

Yes, it just spilled from mind to fingers to screen. I have no clue where it came from, but I like it and am keeping it. An for good measure, I’m posting the song that came to mind the moment I read today’s Challenge :)

Day 29

Challenge: Future plans/goals.

What does the future hold for me? I don’t know exactly, but my vision is extensive. It cannot be completely revealed here, however I will share some things I know to be true and one immediate plan:

These things are evident in my life and thus my future:

  1. God’s knows His plans for me, and they are good.
  2. My destiny is tied into that of my nation.
  3. My love for my fellow citizens will not permit me to not make a difference.

One immediate plan:

  1. Fun In The Son is on March 19, at the UWI Mona Bowl.


I have officially caught up with the challenge :)


The 30-Day Blog Challenge List

Day 28

Challenge: What attracts you to someone.

Attraction: at·trac·tion
the action or power of evoking interest, pleasure, or liking for someone or something

Isn’t life funny? Technically you can’t control attraction, but experience shows you trends that you then box into what is and what isn’t. So here’s the way I’m going to break it down, Across the Room, Up Close and Personal, Holding my Attention.

Across the Room:
Height 6′ 2″ and over

Up Close & Personal:

Holding My Attention:

There you have it. List. No frills, No long talking.

Day 27

Challenge: Your fashion style

LoL! I doubt I would ever be associated with fashion or be the one considered to have style. I am almost sure that any of the fashionistas who spot me either dismiss me mentally or desire to fix me. I tend to draw that kind of reaction.

This however doesn’t mean that I am blind to fashion, in fact, I am mentally drawn to it. Fashion attracts me in both an artistic and anthropological sense. I am interested in the creative process of a designer and how they bring that vision into reality – couture (in its purest sense) is a designers purest expression of their creative being; and ready-to-wear their bread and butter which allows them to produce the grandiose visions of their couture line.

All that being said…

My personal fashion style is what I would call appropriate comfort. Huh!? Yes, this is my own version of style. Comfort is always the most important factor in my choice of clothing. ALWAYS. I will not leave my bedroom if I am uncomfortable. One of the things that affects my comfort level is appropriateness. This means, as comfortable as I am in a sarong, I will not be going to a wedding in one – no, not even a beach wedding.
That being said, certain things seem to trend in my life. They are:

  1. Somehow there is always something PUMA on my person.
  2. I can be found in sandals or flip-flops 70% of the time, sneakers 20% and heels 10%
  3. I wear my hair in a bun or braid almost exclusively.
  4. I rarely wear make-up beyond lip gloss.

Day 26

Challenge: First 10 songs to play on shuffle on your iPod.

My iPod loves me and I love it. I pressed play and this is what came up:

  1. Bubbly – Colbie Calliat ~ you already read that post :)
  2. Hello – Christina Aguilera ~ an anthem of self-empowerment, encouraging you to be unapologetically you.
  3. Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood ~ this song makes me laugh, the anger with a smile song. I know some girls that would do these things
  4. Stolen Moments – Alicia Keys ~ I can’t help but wonder if this is about Swizz
  5. Jamaican Girl – Obie Trice ft. Brick & Lace ~ I can’t help but bounce and rock to this song
  6. Shy That Way – Jason Mraz & Tristan Prettyman
  7. Can You Stand The Rain – New Edition ~ the ULTIMATE relationship song/question, it’s not how we deal with life when things are good that counts, it’s when the going gets rough that I know your worth.
  8. Supernatural – DC Talk ~ I’ve been a fan for years
  9. The Gods Love Nubia – Kelly Price ~ this is from Elton John & Tim Rice’s musical Aida. I like all these songs.
  10. Meant To Live – Switchfoot ~ You know what, we really were

I may revisit this and add the videos…

Day 25

Challenge: How you found out about blogging & why you made one.

I’ve known about blogs almost as long as I’ve known any connective site (social media) and I honestly have no idea who first spoke it within my ear shot. I have however, tried blogging before in a couple forms, entries on MySpace, Hi5, Facebook and Blogger – it just never stuck.

Then I was looking on the “upcoming” year (2010) and how I wanted to change and prepare for employment. I realised, that I was always happier when writing, didn’t matter where but definately not when I’m restricted. Then it occured to me that I had spent 11 years writing for others.

It felt as though I had lost my “voice” and decided that I would claim it back through writing. I wrote and let no one read it at first. I wanted to find steady footing before I let anyone know. Now here I am, enjoying what I started out being scared of.

I must take this opportunity to mention the blog(ger)s I have enjoyed over the years:

They made me want to blog:

I now read these guys all the time:

Just know this, blogging has been an entertaining experience, which has given me a new outlet of expression. I am happy I started :)

Day 24

Challenge: A song that makes you smile.

Wow! This could be sooo many songs… how about I post 3 songs?

1. Always the romantic, this had to be in here:

Key Lyrics: ‘Cause every time you hold me in your arms, I’m comfortable enough to feel your warmth

2. This was introduced to me 2 months ago and I’m still smiling:

Key Lyrics: Her lips, her lips, I could kiss all day if she’d let me

3. Can never leave Disney out :)

Key Lyrics: Can your friends go abracadabra, let ‘er rip and let the sucker disappear?

Key Lyrics: Free to run around all day, Free to do it all my way

4. This song can wake me up any day ~ the combo of these two was just a smart move for my radio

Key Lyrics: Heels, mek, gyal, fret.


There is so much more that could be added to this but this is more than was asked for, so yep :)



Day 23

Challenge: What you would find in your bag.

First let me tell you about the bag that seems to be stitched to my body:

It is a 2007 Puma Ferrari SF Shoulder Bag. It has 3 zippered compartments, including one that contains penholders and a smaller zippered pocket, and another which contains a built-in padded laptop case which seems to only fit the 13″ MacBook (now Pro) perfectly. I met this design while working in the Puma flagship store in Tropical Plaza, for the Christmas. I wanted it, I lusted after it, I prayed for it. Yes, it made my heart go boopity-boop-boop. Normally, we’d be able to put something like this on hold, but this was Christmas – nothing can be put on hold if it’s in the store. I tried encouraging people to buy from the Puma BMW line instead, but alas, the last one sold on December 23rd. I checked the warehouse, the other possible stores, no one had them and they were NOT on the re-order list.  Yes, I was sad.

Adding salt to the wound, I was the one who sold it.

Either way, there were bigger things going on. My uncle, died, and we had his funeral to fly up to – it was here that fate smiled on me and my bag lust. I was asked by my Auntie G, how was it in the store. I told her about it, the good, the bad and the lust. Yes, even in the midst of the icy Toronto winter I was lusting for my bag. So my Aunty G charged her little brother with finding the bag, someway, somehow. I don’t know what he did or who he bribed, but for my 30th birthday it was wrapped in a package just for me :)

Yes, almost 3 years later it is going strong and has gone with me almost everywhere :)


If you are wondering about my phone, keys, or any other normal thing like that, well that’s what pockets are for. Oh, and just in case you were wondering about make-up, I rarely wear anything beyond lip gloss & that fits in my pocket.

The 30-Day Challenge List

Day 22

Challenge: Your nicknames & why you have them.

In general, I do not have or accept nicknames. However, there are a few select people who have bestowed upon me names that I do answer to.

CLOSE FAMILY members use: Shik-Shak, Shik-Shik, Shiks, or Shiki (No, I will not answer random people who try these on for size.)

Djuvane dubbed me “Sha”. Others have tried to use it, it just doesn’t fit. No lie though, if I was spinning music, I’d want to be known as DJ Sha. I liked this one so much, my signature changed and it now reflects this.

Kamal one day decided my name is “Shi-ki-shi”. A few other unrelated people call me by this, but it is as a result of mispronouncing my name.

and finally, Broomie, was bestowed upon me by the UTech Students’ Union Council 2009/10. I feel a sense of pride and honour in the story of how I got this name. Summer ’09 we were preparing the centers for the Students’ Union’s *Teach The Youth programme. I was a part of the cleaning crew. Being a part of the clean-up crew, we walked to all the centers to clean them, including sweeping. This meant walking through Papine with all the equipment we were using and planning to store at the centers. I happened to be the holder of the brooms :S – yup, all the brooms. My fellow councilor, “Hot Head”, overheard people trying to figure out if I was a “Broomie” and wondering how much my brooms were for. Note that this was only compounded by the many people calling out Broomie to me along the walk and asking to buy my brooms.

* I will post about Teach the Youth and other Council experiences one day

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