Each time I sit and attempt to write this page I get frustrated. This is not due to a loss of words – that’s a rare moment – but due to too many words with too many directions. This is caused by the fact that this blog is still being developed, it has no true form or identity, it simply is a collection of thoughts. There is little editing done to any post, if any at all, and I read in the pattern of speech. This may make it difficult to read sometimes for those who have never met me, but it is what it is.

I will update this page in the future as the blog itself takes form and develops it’s own personality and nature, in the meantime here’s a little about me:

I am a 30-something lady with an affection for my nation and a degree in Marketing. I enjoy the most random things (like observing old people) and have pet peeves that vary from children in an 8pm movie to bad customer service. I am a foodie whose toes crinkles at the thought of yumminess and take pleasure in nourishing the bodies and souls of my loved ones. I believe my destiny and prosperity is directly linked to Jamaica and my heart beats and bleeds for the people. Passionate by nature, tempered by life, I am who I am, an ever evolving human in search of what I believe is just and right in the world and myself.

I founded this blog to rediscover my voice, I have spent the last 10 years writing for others and have decided, it’s time to remember my voice. This is the time to rediscover my heartbeat and what the drummer inside is playing.

Welcome to the rediscovery of myself, the Ponderings of SCsquared.

I’m also on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and you can drop me a line at thescsquared[at]gmail[dot]com



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