There is a sense of pride I feel when I see Jamaica being David, and standing up to the Goliaths of this world. We are a tiny country with so much to lose when we speak out, reveal our hearts, our disagreements with “the big boys”.

These past few weeks, I have played the speech Kamina Johnson-Smith made to the UN over and over. Why? Because she stood up and spoke out against the a policy being written in a way that does not take into full account the effect it could have on the rights of countries to establish law for its citizenry, including religious freedoms and science.

The last time I had this sense of pride was when then Prime Minister Eddie Seaga, blatantly said no to the transportation of radioactive waste through our waters. His position was that if any of it got into our waters it would affect Jamaica’s food security as well as the Local Fishing Industry.

This speech, amongst other things, shows me what this government has the potential to be what I hope Jamaican government will become. It encourages me to want to move home. It makes me celebrate.