Every December to January, we get caught in an avalanche of blogs, vlogs, TV features, and newspaper articles about making the new year the beginning of a new you. With all these implications that you are not good enough, or that you must be dissatisfied with your life, I want to know…

Does a new year really have to bring change? New goals and resolutions? What if you’re happy on your current path? What if your goals are so big they can’t fit in a year? What if you’re basking in the sunshine of reaching a major goal?

Like Drake said, no new friends. That includes silly resolutions you’re not going to keep anyway. They’re not loyal to you, and you’re not loyal to them.

So to 2016, I am looking forward to living my life because it’s golden. I promise to remain grateful for the big moments, and the small ones. I promise to keep getting stamps in my passport. I promise to continue learning this new language. I promise to keep up with the news and the stories behind them. I promise to remain open to new adventures. I promise to remain a seeker. I promise to love.

*Yep, it’s another late post.