To know her is to love her. That’s the most accurate way to explain Chunchi. There is no other way to explain our friendship or our tolerance of each other. In fact, I don’t think our friendship works in the “natural order of things”. It really doesn’t. Chunchi 2016

I mean really, we have pretty much nothing in common. We don’t listen to the same music, or like the same things, or even have common ground on religion. We are at opposite ends of pretty much every spectrum. So far apart that we aren’t even Ying and Yang.

That’s however, until you get to know her. Chunchi (and Shrek) are like onions, there are layers to them. Mean and gruff, until you pass those dry outer layers and find the sweet, awesome person inside.

To clear up any ambiguity, knowing Chunchi does not happen because you met her, follow her (on any platform), been out with her, are dating her friend, or anything like that. You can only know her when she is ready to let that happen. Until then, you really only know about her.

I love Chunchi, with all the mishmash of her several personalities, I love her. Why? Well, because of who she is.

She is honest and in the moment. If she says it, I guarantee you, it is where she stands at that very moment. No, it’s not a guarantee that she will feel that way an hour from now. She is in the moment, and the past is gone, so don’t try to hold on to it. The truth of right now is what is real.

Chunchi goes hard. All the time. In everything. Seriously. Chunchi is either into it, or she’s not. There is no lukewarm with her, and there isn’t much hiding how she feels either. You cannot coax her into it. That’s not how this works. She does not have the time or energy to cater to your ego. #Stubborn

Protective should have been Chunchi’s middle name. This woman is fierce and is swift with the response. She isn’t protecting just herself, Chunchi will fling a beatdown if you ramp with the wrong person. Nope, she does not care who you think you are, she knows who she is and she will bruck off her nails in your face. Legit, this is not a joke, it is a statement of fact. A warning if you will. Take heed.

Loyalty. Loyalty isn’t a mere concept to Chunchi. She does not entertain you speaking negatively, no scratch that, she will not tolerate anything but positive sentiments about her friends. It’s not a line she allows you to cross. I’ve seen her go toe-to-toe with her supervisor over a casual comment about a friends intellect.

Most of all, I love Chunchi, because despite our disagreements, our polar opposite beliefs, our annoyances with each other, we know we can count on each other. We can reveal the inner workings of our hearts to each other and know we are safe. That, is where true friendship lies, in the inner insides of us and I wouldn’t trade my tyrant for the world.

Happy Birthday Chunchigan!
You are loved, even from 7,707 miles away :)

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.19.24 AMYes, I know it’s late – so what!