It is no secret, I love YouTube.
No, not in that, yeah I watch videos on YouTube way, more in the I carve out time in my schedule to watch YouTube type of way. Am I some sort of expert on it? Nope! I do enjoy what I enjoy though and so here’s a list of my faves (no Jamaican channels allowed or included).

Here’s my Top 5.
In TV Terms, these are like my Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, & Big Bang Theory. I watch almost everything once it goes up, but I can (and do) binge on their episodes even after seeing them a few times.

5. Shameless Maya
Subscribers*: 649,195
Why: I first watched a curly hair video that she did, and my jealousy of her curls became straight respect when she shaved it all off. However what keeps me watching is all the variety of her videos. She’s not all over the place, she has focus but is definitely a creative who is loving the life she has worked for. She is kind, generous, intelligent, and is definitely someone I could par with.
Watch This:

4. IISuperwomanII
Why: This woman is FUNNY! She is a full fledged YouTuber, this is not a part-time gig for her. Her videos are well thought out, smartly shot, and well edited. Also, it helps that her Toronto-ness shows up in the Jamaican colloquial terms that pops-up from time to time in her verbage. She is just hilarious!
Watch This:

3. RamandaBDaisuki Japan
Subscribers: 2,153
Why: My good friend introduced me to this channel because I asked where are the black J-vloggers. I proceeded to watch every single video on her 3 channels in one week. I should have gotten fired! Either way, Ramanda’s videos aren’t the super-genki kind, but they aren’t Japan is evil kind either. Her videos are simply, I’m here, this is life as I am living it, got a hubby, got a cute baby, sometimes I just want to be in the US, but this is my life. I also could see us being friends – she seems like good peoples.
Watch This:

2. Swoozie
Subscribers: 3,725,119
Why: Swoozie’s videos remind me of my friends. They are stories, even when he’s giving advice, it’s in story format. I probably watch his videos more than I should. I have glimpsed my face watching his videos, and I seem to have this grin when watching. Either way, Swoozies mix of comic / cartoon / vlog is pretty effective. I like it. I watch too often. Below is the first one I watched and the one I send the most.
Watch This:

1. Hillsong United
Subscribers: 685,739
Why: Cause I need to get my worship on.
Watch This:

Honorable Mentions:
I watch these guys quite a bit, but not as consistently. They are my SVU, Friends, & Iron Chef, in that I have no tears if I miss one, but I can still binge out on it all day.
Texan In Tokyo
The Domestic Geek
Brothers Green Eats
PhillyD (and his various channels) oh and website too!
Jesus Culture
Bethel Music

Who are your faves?

* All subscriber numbers are at time of writing.

P.S. Bun fyah pon VEVO. Legit, I take the time out to find the original channel and dodge Vevo, most annoying thing on YouTube.