I miss the ideology of my childhood.
The beautiful picture of adulthood I painted in my mind,
Filled with a family of my own,
4 boys, 2 girls, 6 grandparents,
3 homes, one on the beach, a farm, and a city house.

Days of relaxation with my family,
Enjoying the life we built,
Contributing to the GDP & travelling,
Teaching my children principles,
Taking care of my parents.

This is not the life I dreamed of,
Why do I have to pay bills?
Who created these things called work?
What are these taxes?
Where is my intended adulthood?

This is not the life I planned,
It’s the life I have.
Filled with friends and family,
Sadness and celebration,
Laughter and joy.

This isn’t the life I planned,
But somehow,
I’m happy it’s the one I have.