Last year, I got the opportunity to work in a different aspect of the Marketing Industry, it meant change. It meant shifting from being second in command to being a pleb, going from being an employer to employee, from having my own office to having a cubicle, from setting my own hours to conforming to a standard. I was going from Event Production and Promotion to a full service Marketing Agency.

No lie, my heart was heavy, the fear was real, I was about to step out into the unknown. So in preparation, I did what I always do, I sought advice from those with more info than I. They were discouraging for the most part, but still I was told in essence, give it a try. I prayed and was settled.

On January 6, it began with an “All Hands On Deck” meeting and big speech from JJ, my boss. He spoke about the great things that the team did in 2013, and the value of each person in the organisation. He took the time out to commend everyone, to remind them of their value, to honour them and yes, to lay out the vision for the year. This was already a good start, because we all know, I love leaders who can clarify the vision.

Since then, I have had what can only be described as an awesome adventure. I have been given random chances to do things I would probably not have volunteered for, like writing scripts and idea generation. I have been able to come up with something and have the resources to see what it could be (even if no one else ever will). I get to be challenged just as much as I get to challenge others. Most importantly, I get to learn, grow, and laugh every single day.

My boss, JJ, is a huge part of this. Here is why my boss is better than your boss:

  1. My boss is a highly creative being, and expects you to develop your creativity.
  2. My boss is highly perceptive, sagacious, and intelligent.
  3. My boss knows his shortcomings, but accepts that he is still growing and so are you.
  4. My boss is not afraid of grunge work. Anything you can do, he can do too.
  5. My boss is willing to invest in all of us.
  6. My boss is concerned with our impact on the business and its impact on us.
  7. My boss will protect his people, and does it more than anyone realises or credits him for.
  8. My boss’ eyes light up like a 5 year old when he gets excited about anything new.
  9. My boss has an eye and ear for cultivating amazing talent – meet anyone on staff, you will see.
  10. My boss is a father, drill sergeant, the Mad Hatter, and Manet all in one.

Is my boss the only great part of working there? No, however, no matter where you work, no matter who you are, what happens there is a result of who leads. So, when you walk into our office and see history on the walls and shelves of trophies, remember, it’s not there to intimidate you – it’s there to celebrate us. When you step in and see us, remember, we are chosen, hand-picked, selected, for the awesome that we are and the standards we are expected to surpass. Why, because he wants to inspire us daily, does your boss want to inspire you?



Happy Bosses Day!