Language is an ever revolving thing influenced by geography, culture, exposure and of course experience. In the age that we live, all these things have grown exponentially and of course, the evolution of langugae with it.

I hear myself saying things and laugh at how much my own expressions have been influenced by my media consumption. This is even more glaringly so when I say / type something that is not comprehended by someone else. So here I am, showing you some of the things that have influenced my language in 2013:

  1. Because… (Twitter)
    Somehow I started seeing it, then understood it wasn’t a mistake, then somehow it became a part of my vernacular. It’s almost an expression of apathy, if it had some more structure, but it doesn’t. Because Life.
  2. I love yo faces! (Phillip DeFranco)
    I am very much a member of “The Nation” which just happens to be global. When I first started watching PhillyD he was like sketch comedy meets news commentary in a completely off kilter way. In closing almost every time, he says “I love yo faces”. I started thinking but not saying. Then on day it got past my filter and has since been unrestrained.
  3. All the … (Twitter)
    I don’t even know when I first read this. It may have been twitter but it may also have been The Oatmeal. It sounds like this: All the feels. All the hurts. All the sads. All the Loves. All the Happys.
    Grammatically incorrect, yet, perfectly stated. An expression of high levels of whatever the subject matter.
  4. Gladiators
    So on Thursday nights we come crawling out of the woodwork. We pretend that Scandal is more than a TV show, we pretend that we too keep peoples images intact despite insurmountable odds and evidence. Honestly, this is one of those things you either know or don’t and if you don’t then ignore all social media on a Thursday. It is Gladiator Day.
  5. #ChinitaGoodaz (courtesy of The Voice and Dutty Berry)
    Well, this and almost every other TeamTessanne related hashtag became a real part of conversation for the latter part of the year. Including “Tess & The Tess-less” “TeamBadMindMichaelCuffe” “TeamBreadAndButta” etc… but not excluding any and everything Dutty Berry said on his weekly review of The Voice (PS. Wi still waitin on one for the final)
  6. Happy Happy Happy! (Duck Dynasty)
    I am a HUUUUUGE Duck Dynasty fan. No, seriously. I happened upon it one day and was immediately hooked. I love that they are not the usual reality TV squabblers and that they are unabashedly Christian. The Patriarch on the show is Phil, and “Happy Happy Happy” comes from him. He just states some plain simple things and says if you can do that, they you will be “Happy Happy Happy”
  7. I am Second
    This site of video testimonies is just awesome. Different people thell their journey to putting God first in their lives. They are from all walks of life and all sorts of stories. The first one I watched was Brian Welch from Korn, this was interesting more at the time because I was a fan. Now, the phrase has become a quiet mantra, I try to remember God is First and I am Second.
  8. #Insta… (instagram)
    Short for instant, it has become the apex of its own definitive root. We see our niece/nephew/child for the very first time and capture the moment “Insta-Love”. Yes.
  9. …type stuff (Phillip DeFranco)
    I find I say things like “Newsy Type Stuff” or “Sexy Type Stuff” or pretty much any thing that can seem similar or exactly
  10. “Pope” as a noun, adjective and verb.
    Phrases like “Get my Pope on”, “I need Pope”, “You’ve been Pope-ed”, “The Pope rise up in her” comes easy to all Gladiators. Seriously, just get the Shondaland Channel aka ABC and watch.

*** This was meant to be posted January 6th – OH WELL! Life. “Later-Post” ***