Almost is such a pregnant word. It is filled with aborted potential or what could have or should have been. It suggests falling short of something, lacking enough, incomplete. Almost is to have the mark set just a little further than you are.

I have always found in music, almost is either a rally cry or in most cases the point of sorrow. So I’m sharing my 3 most played “Almost” songs with you:

Tamia – Almost

Though I have loved this song for ages, one day I truly understood it. How can you miss something you never had? How can you reminisce when there is no past? I now understand. He was and still is a great friend, but he was almost so much more. So now, when I hear this song, I think of the one we now refer to as “Le Bossniss”, hats off to him…


Brandy – Almost Doesn’t Count

Here is the reality of life… Almost really doesn’t count. You were almost great, you almost had a home run, you were almost honest… you know it’s true. She talks about a guy that’s half in half out, and she’s deciding to walk away. I have a friend that says this is the worst kind of person to love, because it only hurts and its selfish. His advice? Get like Joseph and RUN!


A Fine Frenzy – Almost Lover

The visuals in this song are so sensual it’s overpowering. It’s well written, well composed and shows strength in its somber tenderness. I absolutely love this song. I sing this song with my eyes closed, just staying inside the moment of the words.


So, what are the almost songs in your repertoire? Almost Let Go? Almost Paradise? Almost Blue? Almost Like Being In Love? Didn’t We Almost Have It All?