I’ve always been consulted by friends, acquaintances, and family about gifts. What should I get her / him? is a question I hear not just at Christmas but throughout the year. Why? Well because I have a knack for making others know I truly care when I give them a gift, and not just when they know I never feel obligated to give.

This year, I have decided to put my annual Grinch aside to give you all a little peek in to my Magical World of Giving:


  1. You are never obligated to gift. Being able to give anything is a blessing. “Fragrance always sticks to the hand that gives you roses”
  2. Think of their heart, desires, dreams, interests and sow into them.
  3. Be Moses (yes of the Bible), and use what is in your hands. Your skills, gifts and talents are a gift giving machine.
  4. There is no greater gift than those which show you love and care – Your Treasure, Time & Talents – Use them wisely.
  5. The Classic Gifters Guide never fails:
    • Something they want
    • Something they need
    • Something to wear
    • Something to read

Next up, BUDGET!
UGH! I hate the word Budget. It feels like a noose around your neck when you want to give someone the world. However, in the light of being responsible with our TREASURE, we must budget as we are living in a time that things are tighter than before. So budget we must. *sigh*
If you do not need to budget, please do send me a Kitchen Aid Artisan 5 Quart Stand Mixer in Cobalt Blue please – Ice Cream and Pasta attachments are also welcome :)
Ok, so here we are on a budget, and the fact that the world is ending sometime today and Christmas is 4 Days away let’s look at what we can do…

  1. Make something all by ourselves
  2. Get a print done
  3. Bake, Bake, Bake
  4. Get something really inexpensive and go creative with packaging
  5. Go super sentimental
  6. Do something simple but personalised.

Ok, so still trying to figure what to get your pixie / cousin / neighbour / family friend / client / ? Ask yourself these things:
Male or Female? What stage in life are they? Are they Spoused? What stands out most about them? What colour do you see them in the most? What do you remember about them?

Most Ladies (13 – 110 years) will welcome any of the following:

  • Bath Items that are nicely packaged. Store bought or home made is inconsequential if packaged well, but homemade says you thought about it.
  • Impersonal beauty products. A stick of deodorant may not be received as well as a body scrub. (Honey, Sugar & Coconut Oil is a good home made one)
  • Scented Candles that are nicely packaged. Unless it comes with a midnight picnic plain candlesticks are not a gift, they’re a hurricane necessity.
  • Jewelry in any shape or form. Support art students by purchasing from them if you can, your person will have something unique with a story and you will be with them every time they wear them and are asked about it.

Most Men (21 – 55 years) will appreciate the following:

  • Prepared Meals – do NOT give this to married men, you will offend their wife.
  • Alcohol. A bottle of Appleton, Belvedere, Smirnoff, Johnny Walker somehow make them feel manly
  • Weapons.
  • Massages and pampered treatments. Unless you are his spouse, or almost spouse and he loves you doing these, cough up the cash and get him a pro. Make the appointment for him if you can as well.
  • Technology based stuff. Phone cases, novelty jump drives, headphones, etc…

Babies (The parents are the ones who appreciate these)

  • Burp Cloths – try doing it like this
  • Soft Washcloths
  • Personalised items
  • Books – yes adults should read to babies as much as possible
  • Education Fund – You can choose to start one, make a deposit into the one their parents made.
  • Appropriate DVD’s – the 20 minutes of any time to wash dishes, make a meal or just breathe is cherished.

Toddlers (They will have fun but will not remember who gave what)

  • Education Fund
  • Books
  • Travel Toys (Just trust me on this) you can make quite a few of these.
  • Clothes
  • Travel Kits – for sleepovers at the Grand-parents, God-parents, Cousins or you! Put in a little zippered case all the supplies they need for a sleepover: Toothbrush, Kids toothpaste, baby shampoo & conditioner, comb, brush etc…


  • Books, Books, Books!
  • Craft Kits that do not include spillable stainable pieces for parents to freak out over.
  • Sports Equipment, a football has never been scorned by a child – even big readers will play with a ball.
  • Games – Pictionary, Ladder & Chutes, Monopoly, Chess etc…


  • Think of appropriate versions of adult gifts.
  • Movie Tickets
  • Gift Certificates
  • Books
  • Journals
  • Music – There is an awe that people have with old records, this is a good time to introduce some of your favourites to them.

University Students

  • FOOD! Chocolates, Supermarket gift cards, Pizza Gift Card etc… if it is edible, they want it.
  • Movie Tickets
  • iTunes Gift Cards
  • Shoes
  • Photos, the printed kind
  • Clothes or Gift Certificates for Clothes

University Grads and those just starting out in adulthood

  • Kitchen items, this includes dishes, cutlery, culinary tools, pots & pans
  • Cooking Books
  • Home repair & prepare tools – no one realises how much they need a hammer, wrench or screwdriver until they live on their own
  • Wall Hangings
  • Money towards furniture, appliances, dreams etc…
  • Wine or Aged Liquor

On The Way to the Alter or the Recently Wed:
For me, this is the most difficult group to shop for, they’re either just about to get a thunderstorm of gifts or just came out of one. I think they’re just about the same as other just setting out on adulthood, it’s just that they’re shifting from single to couple so pretty much Books & Money cover this category well. Wine is also the official drink of wedded bliss, so that would do well also.

New Parents (or just parents):

  • Baby Sitting – You pay for it, or you do it. Give them a night or weekend off.
  • Any Kid Distraction
  • Personal Pampering – Pay for a Mani/Pedi or a Massage or a hair appointment
  • Family Photo Shoot – Unless you are a photographer, buy them a photo session with a real one, many parents don’t have the time to remember these things, but will keep the appointment.

Great $0 Gifts

  1. Hand Written Love Letters, to your spouse, parents, siblings, kids, fiancee, bff or persons of that close nature.
  2. Framed or Displayable declarations. Type & format it in word, print it on a sheet of paper and display it with what’s around.
  3. This notebook made from a cereal box and scrap paper.
  4. A Picnic at Hope Gardens, packed like this, with ingredients from home.
  5. A folder of their favourite pins, or fitness stuff, or recipes
  6. Heirloom jewelry, art or furniture. Memories are priceless, and generation gifts are cherished.

Gifts of Greater Value than they Cost

  1. Artwork or photo prints of something or someone they love
  2. Books they will love
  3. Jewelry, though as mentioned above heirloom is best, any piece that speaks to someone works.
  4. Investments in them.
  5. Personalised or customised anything!
  6. Dinner or Drinks together

Hope you can figure out things from here, if not, drop me a line below and I’ll try to help :)