I had a summer like no other. It was filled with personal and professional growth, and simply a move towards being a little more awesome than I was before. Most importantly, I’m going to tell you about Boot Camp.

When I began Boot Camp, my face looked like this:

Before boot camp, I was enjoying life, not quite the way I planned, but enjoying none the less. I signed up and started the Fit Farm Boot Camp Body Transformation Challenge. The Challenge came with everything I needed to jumpstart my Journey to Awesome 2.0, I had scheduled classes, sessions with a personal trainer, a nutrition programme and regular weigh-ins and challenges to complete. Most importantly, I could win prizes! Did I think I would get the body I wanted in 12 weeks? Not even close, but I could get closer than if I didn’t do it.

My first few weeks at boot camp were not easy, but they didn’t kill us. We were all on this crazy journey together, and we were just trying to survive. We were getting to know each other, trying to help each other and were just hoping it would get easier.

For me, it was odd, I didn’t feel like I was being pushed too hard in the moment, yet when I got home, my body told me I was doing work. Mentally, I was trying to ensure I followed the programme and just kept convincing myself to get up and go, especially when I didn’t want to. I was gung ho and terrified of failure all together, all at once, and truthfully I never knew which one was being dominant at any time. Yet, I stuck it out, I pushed through, but not as much for me as for the ‘crew’ I came to Boot Camp with: Sai, Leel, Chad, Kat. I told myself more than once, that if I stopped I would be setting a bad example for them. So I pushed through the first few weeks.

Then 6 weeks later I looked like this:

I was so much more into boot camp. I was no longer struggling internally with going, I was looking forward to it. I was desiring that time at the end of the day where I could attack a staircase, flip a tyre, do crawls or high knees. Boot Camp became my space to blow off steam, take out on the field every moment of stress and annoyance in my day. I was loving it. At this point we had been doing our 25-Day Fat Blast, and I was enjoying the confusion of it.

At boot camp, we all knew each other quite a bit better and became each others cheer leaders. We worked as a team, no man left behind and keeping up was a priority. We ran like a chain gang, did staircase relays, counted hip-dips as one, used each other to balance and sometimes as rest posts, but most of all, we kept each other in check. No time wasting; no long rests; and no getting caught by Ci-Ci or Marcus. We became a team of campers.

During week 12, I came home from Boot Camp looking like this:

Let me help you understand somethings about this point. I was sweating, and happy about it. Do you see the jaw line? the slight muscle tone? the smooth skin? the flattening stomach?

At this point, my skin was just a better texture overall; my sweat was not smelling like the funkadelicks; my arms started telling me about their Michelle Obama visions; my legs felt like they could kick your door down and my core was definitely tighter, stronger and much more solid. Bonus Points: My hair and nails have been growing nice and thick and faster.

During Boot Camp, I improved my 5k time by just over 4 minutes; I conquered a hill climb I never thought I could; I ran longer distances than ever before; I learned to eat clean; I found a new level of strength.

I’m on an awesome journey and it started with one step, because of that, I got closer to my goals than if I never started. I challenge you to start something today to bring you just one step closer to where you want to be.

PS. I know this post is 3 weeks late. Juss cool nuh!