Foood, Glorious Food! my heart and stomach sings in perfect harmony whenever I enter the kitchen, or a good restaurant, or Burger King… Yes, my body is amazingly good at singing for celebration of whatever it desires. Amazing thing the mind.

After the 12 weeks of the Fit Farm Boot Camp Challenge, I took a break. I needed a mental vacation from the gym and the people and the everything. I love the gym, I was just in need of a break from public spaces, people, schedules, everything. I did that, I did some catching up and some releasing of steam. I took the time out to reflect and wrote blog posts. So, I have 3 posts for this week, including this one! Yay!

So here goes…

This weekend, I decided that I had to make some serious changes in relation to food. No, I’m not going to do anything crazy, just something I’ve realised is smart. I’m going to start Eating Clean. *patiently waits on you to exhale*

I have for a while heard people talk about eating clean and generally thought, “That sounds nice, but they’re standing a little too close to the edge”, then during my 12-week Boot Camp challenge I was required to eat cleaner. No, not “clean” but cleaner. Yeah, clean has a very distinct look in my mind – all I really did was cut out fast food and cut back on junk. No, I didn’t really have that much in there to begin with, but a cut is a cut.

Things started changing with my body, my whole system was changing bit by bit. In such increments that I hardly noticed until the challenge ended and I started allowing myself the rubbish again. That’s when it occurred to me what had happened and that I needed to make a decision.

The Changes:

The normal life for me included sleeping a maximum of four hours per night if I could fall asleep; my skin was behaving like a schizophrenic – I could never tell if it would be dry, oily or bumpy; my eczema responded to everything, dust, dish soap, life!; my digestive system was on its lifelong quest to kill me; and my personal favourite, the most easily triggered sinusitis known to man. I cannot say I have known my body to be any different, except my skin but some things take time to develop.

Then came Boot Camp. When I ate clean-ish my circadian rhythm sorted itself out, I was really just ready for bed at a good hour and was up without stress. I do mean, I fell asleep at a decent hour not just lay in bed all night wishing for sleep. Somehow, without even trying, my skin got really smooth and scars from squeezing and picking were all fading. My digestive system became as dependable as the sunrise and without all the stress I used to associate with it. The best part? Even after working out in intermittent rain, I did not have even one bout of Sinusitis the entire time. Played with dogs, walked through dust, smokey environments – NOT ONE SINUS ISSUE! I was fully Charlie Sheen – Winning!

Then the challenge ended and I picked on things I used to, ate some Burger King & KFC, munched on some pretzels, even had soda! Soda being the shocker, because I actually love water and soda burns my throat, but I drank some.

Why oh why did I do this? Suddenly, my skin has this texture of a heat rash, I can’t sleep and da-da-dummm, my sinuses are threatening me  with a full blown attack for simply existing. Really? Seriously? Why does my body hate me? What did I ever do to it? Oh yeah, I started putting gunk back in it – it is only staging a rebellion against the stress.

So this weekend I decided:

to reset my body before living with clean eating.

Shiki say what? Yes, I’m doing a 30 day plan to allow my body to reset, and after that I intend on eating clean. What does Eating Clean mean? Well, for those of us used to living in the land of wood and water, it means eating real Jamaican food. Or for those of you living elsewhere, it means eating whole food – no not the store the actual thing going into your mouth. In a nut shell, it means eating food in its least processed form, no additives, just from nature to plate.

Sounds bland? Not really. Think of all the seasonings you can think of… they all exist in natural forms. Italian seasonings are basil, thyme, oregano, garlic, onion; Chinese food is seasoned with ginger, onion, garlic, star anise, cinnamon; the basic Jamaican combo is onion, garlic, ginger, thyme, pepper. All of these are simple natural ingredients to season and flavour our pots, so no harm there. No food groups disappear if I eat clean, just some ingredients made in labs and ginormous factories.

The Whole30 is a little more restrictive, so I needed company and got the awesome @Naomi_Cowan to join me in my possible suffering :) Nothing better than a sister to go through hard days with and she is a great one to have on this journey.

We started on Monday, October 1. Feel free to join in. Keep it Simple, Keep it Clean, Keep it Healthy.

PS. @therealmiamazin inspired me when she spoke to me about her Paleo challenge last year.