Here we are, today on the cover of the Gleaner is the headline “Web of conspiracy”[sic] all because one man made an assumption of corruption. Oh yeah, ALLEGEDLY.
Based on my reading & watching the news this is what allegedly happened:

  1. Bruce Bicknell was speeding, 80 in a 50 zone, was pulled over by an officer, Sargent Jubert Llewellyn. Llewellyn asked to see his papers and upon inspecting them, pointed out to Mr Bicknell that there was $2,000 in there. Bicknell suggested he keep it. The officer then charged him for Bribery.
  2. Bicknell then tried to use his social power and called up his friend, MP Daryl Vaz to help eliminate the ticket.
  3. Vaz calls and visits Llewellyn to get him to drop the charge, attempting to appeal to his emotions and invoking the “blessing of Police Commissioner Owen Ellington” by showing him a text message. The officer refused to comply.
  4. Forbes’ full activity is a little unclear, he either tried to intimidate Llewellyn or signed a letter on his behalf dropping the case or both. This, because an MP on the side of the Opposition promised him something, which is also unclear. He tells Vaz that it has been taken care of.
  5. The case ends up on DPP Paula Llewelyn’s desk and she brought them up on charges for trying to Pervert the Course of Justice.

My Thoughts:

This is a classic example of Stupidity Gone Wild. One man who didn’t have the discipline to obey the law on a commonly utilized speed trap, then refused to accept the consequences of his actions, and has now caused 3 men to be facing serious charges. From $7,500 to Jail Time? Friends like these do not need enemies.

Every single point in this case, if they prove to be true, shows an assumption of corruption. Bicknell assumed the officer and his “close personal friend” were corrupt. Vaz assumed the same of the officer and higher ranking Police officials. Forbes assumed his influence would bring about corruption as well. In each instance displaying a lack of integrity on their part.

Jamaicans have a very poor perception of the integrity of police, politicians and other government officials. This situation reminds us that we, yes us, are a part of this corruption with our attempts to grease hands to help us skip lines, speed up processes and escape consequences. However, regardless of perception, we have no right to assume anyone is corrupt, assume the best of others and allow them to display their shortcomings themselves.

If anyone has been in the company of DPP Llewellyn for more than 5 minutes, you will find that she takes great pleasure in her job. She thoroughly enjoys the practice of Law, and is passionate about it. She has a solid record as a officer of the courts and this makes it a sticky situation for these three men. She will see this case right to the end, and the truth will be revealed whether she wins or loses.

Finally, even if he is the only one, Sargent Llewellyn is clearly a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force with integrity and I hope we do not fail to recognise that in the discussion of this situation. While the other persons in this case should be held responsible for their roles, he should be lauded for being the exception to the perceived rule.

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