So here’s the update… … …

I told you all about my fitness track last year, but stopped short of telling you what has been happening since. In a nutshell, I got stopped in my tracks on my Journey to Awesome. Started what seemed to be movement to get back on track but I stalled like a LADA with a new driver.

Stopped In My Tracks

Last Fall, I was being all sweet and kind and being a tour guide with a friend of mine showing some Guyanese friends around the fabulous island when SMACK! TUMBLE! ROLL! We collided with another car in Port Antonio. I opened my eyes to see what looked like smoke, and could barely breathe. Somehow I was caught in the front seat, between the gear stick and the passenger door – how did I get here from the back of the car? No clue. The passenger seat? Well it was flattened out, right into the seat I started out in. Yep. This was not good.

What was left of the car

We got out of the car, I looked on my arm and all I could think was OMG! My arm is broken! I’m not even feeling it! I think the words “Oh God” came out of my mouth so rapidly and often that no one could understand what I said. I inhaled and swore I damaged a rib or two. Immediate reaction was to figure out 2 things: 1. Where is my phone – I’m calling my father & 2. How am I going to get to the hospital.

Both things solved, I was in the back of a country cab going up the most rickety hillside to Port Antonio Hospital (I think it’s called the Princess Anne Hospital or something). I got there and waited for what seemed like an eternity in an all but empty emergency room, to have the most CRASS non-Jamaican doctor treat me like a stray dog. All the kindness and gentleness of the nurses was countered by the man-handling I received from this bully of a Nigerian doctor. I – WILL – NOT – GO – BACK – THERE – EVER – AGAIN!

I felt so badly treated by him that I called my fabulous “Dr. Rabbit” out of his bed to ask what to do. He told me he would come see me when I got home… I went and saw him instead. No broken bones, just severe bruising and of course the arm that I thought was broken suffered from what can only be described as rug burn from the passenger seat.


With the accident, came the healing period. Healing meaning no work out – as in NONE. This set me back with wanting to do Reggae Marathon, as well as other physical challenge goals. For what felt like forever, pain & injury need rest in order to be fixed. (I would show you pics, but I don’t even like seeing them)

So Mid-October, there I was starting over AGAIN doing everything on pillows and on a ball. I felt so useless, I wasn’t even being allowed to try push ups much less burpees. I wanted to be on track and this was frustrating me. Yes, I was grateful that I was working out again, my impatience was just getting in the way of my gratitude. It really was.

Just as we started, my wonderful and hilarious PT had to go. She needed to go to a completely different country as she is in passionate pursuit of her dreams and vision. Wish she stayed, but proud that she left. Yaaay for dreams :)

This left me with choices: A New PT, RIPT (Personal Training Gym) or Traditional Gym. I chose nothing. Yep, nothing.


Did you ever read The Secret? Well, this part of the story kind of reminds me of it.

One Day – May 10th to be exact – I got irritated with myself and took to my whiteboard and wrote the days of the week and a column to track my food intake, my exercise efforts and my sleep. Why? I was ready to get going again. I needed to be on the road to better health. The first major goal in my journey was only 7 months away and I have to make it this year.

That VERY WEEKEND I met an awesome lady named Audrie Allwood, who randomly asked me if I wanted to change my body. Of Course! She then told me about her gym – Fit Farm Fitness Club – who would be presenting a Body Transformation Challenge and invited me to join.

Norlene, Audrie, & I at
Miss Jamaica Universe 2012 Finals

I have joined. I’ll be keeping you posted on all the happenings with that.

Stay Tuned…



(Thanks to Skkanme for always having awesome pics)