I know, I know, I know! It does not need to be said how this or that, they are, I already know. That being said:

I enjoy watching the Kardashians and their attachments on E! I can’t help it, it is the reason Ryan Seacrest was placed on this planet – I am convinced. Why do I enjoy it? Simple, I enjoy observing people, how they interact with each other, and pretty much why they do what they do. Interestingly enough, I don’t actually spend much of my news time on them – I generally am not into the gossip magazines or columns and that seems to be where their faces and names seem to appear the most.

In truth, I think I like them, in the same way I like most people. I’m not trying to judge them as good or evil, what they do is what they do. I’m not all fan-girl, thinking they are infallible nor am I a hater, thinking they should be banished to Mars. I just enjoy watching the shows, that’s almost an entire year of Kardashian antics if you add them up – which is more consistent than fully scripted shows.

So here’s my problem:
I believe that the men have been emasculated by the women, at least in the series, with the exception of Lamar Odom. From Bruce, to Rob, to Scott, they have all been portrayed as mentions in the lives of Kardashian women. How so? Well, this is how it looks:

Bruce is owned / pwned by Kris, who had the audacity of thinking it would be ok to revert to her ex-husbands name and then made a big deal out of finally adding Bruce’s picture to the family wall. He is clearly a great Dad and loving husband, I just wish he had more say. Either way, you just have to love a man who doesn’t need to be right – even when he is.

Rob is always treated and spoken to like he has little value and is just bumming around. He is treated like a little kid but is expected to wear adult shoes – you can’t degrade a man constantly and expect him to magically step up. Thank goodness for DWTS, he’s not my brother but I am proud of him – let’s hope this means there will be some direction for his life shown next season.

Poor Scott isn’t even allowed to propose to the woman he’s been with for how many ever years, she is the mother of his kids and he clearly wants only her for life. Yet his feelings are trampled on and battered so badly you wonder if they had any worth to her in the first place. Not saying he’s perfect, (we all saw Miami) but he doesn’t deserve to be treated that way.

As sad as I am that their marriage didn’t last, I’m kind of happy for Kris Humphries. Though it’s clear he loves Kim, he wasn’t willing to be trampled on and taken advantage of and abused in the way the other men have been. Knowing your personal plan and having a direction must have helped with that. He isn’t dependent on them financially in anyway (his earnings aren’t based on their popularity nor is he a kept man) and that might have been an underlying issue. But who knows, reality TV is quite scripted.

My fave couple of them all, Khloe & Lamar, clearly are balanced and committed to each other. (Khloe has always seemed the most level headed and mature of the sisters anyway.) Lamar is definitely the man in their house, but Khloe’s strength is not diminished in anyway, in fact his manliness exposes her womanliness and his strength enhances hers. They are clearly balanced, committed and have mega love for each other. You have to respect their love and their relationship at the end of the day.

All this leads me to ask: Are they afraid of being vulnerable with men? Do they think that by giving in they are weak women? Why do these men allow themselves to be treated and portrayed like this? Are they suffering from a form of Stockholm syndrome? Or Battered Wife Syndrome?

I don’t have the answers, but I’m hopeful that it is only an edited version and not what truly is.