I have this pic on my vision board
My Idea of Healthy

In December, I wrote a post “Be Resolved” about setting and achieving New Years Resolutions.
We are in June, all of 6 months later, and I wanted to say a few things…

I stated 3 of my Long Term Goals, but today I’m going to tell you about just one of them: Participate in the Reggae Marathon 2011. This New Years Resolution really is a part of a longer goal of becoming a better me – a healthier me.

So here’s my story so far:
My little sis, is a health-focused individual, she has her own goals and a part of achieving them meant getting a personal trainer to get her beyond a plateau… loving her, I had expressed the desire to help cover the cost for a bit. In all her wisdom, she turned it down and suggested, I get the services for myself instead.

In steps Mia. (@threalmiamazin) Now, I had heard about her and heard my sister working out with her – truthfully I wasn’t sure how long I would last. I was afraid of her, in my mind she could be a version of Jillian Michaels , the crazy person that would scream at you making you so exhausted you would spend all day crying. Why? Because I’m a fatty that’s scared of gym rats who push you beyond not just your minds limitations, but also your body’s (which I translate to injury, never doing it again and becoming a Discovery Health special).

I was scared I wouldn’t be able to do it, wouldn’t be able to cut it. I was afraid that I would quit, that my mind would cause me to never find strength in my body and I would fail. Most of all, I was afraid of letting myself down, of incompletion, of another goal missed, of self-sabotage. Then again, I couldn’t let anyone know this, so man-up I did.

My first session, I fainted during the fitness test, yes, I did say faint. All I did was walk/jog around the house once and do a couple of movements – ASHAMED! To think that I used to do Gymnastics, Swimming and Cheerleading and now I was unable to hold my balance on one leg! Oh the disgrace.

My first week, I knew where my muscles were only because they hurt. I could only say they were deep below the surface of my skin – deeeeeep below. I was hurting bad, but it was the good hurt, the kind that told me all was not lost but it would take some time to get where I’m going.

It’s been about 9 weeks and things have changed. Here are 20 ways they have changed, (though they may seem insignificant to others, they are a very big deal to me), here’s where I am today:

  • I can do push-ups without being on my knees
  • I can do sit-ups without
  • I can RUN short distances
  • I can skip rope for the first time in my entire life
  • I enjoy sit-ups and crunches
  • I enjoy lunges and squats
  • I enjoy moving in new ways
  • I enjoy doing something I never thought I could before
  • I learned to do burpees
  • I learned my mind is stronger than my body and won’t let me quit
  • I learned that being compatible with your trainer makes all the difference in the world
  • I learned I can do more than I think I can
  • I look forward to getting stronger
  • I look forward to learning new moves and stepping up older ones
  • I look forward to becoming the healthy me I was meant to be
  • I look forward to working out & sweating

So at night, when I go to bed, I thank God for Naomi and Mia and Kat because they physically helped me get here, I pray that they too hit their personal goals. I also thank Him for the encouragers of my Journey to Awesome, Leel, Ryan, Renz, and newbie to my world Rosa – sometimes all one needs is encouragement.

This is where I am, I’m not ready for “before & afters” yet, but I’m on my way :)

Where are you with your resolutions? Life’s goals? Where are you on your Journey to Awesome?