Happy Birthday Daddy!

Dear Daddy,

Throughout my life, you have been my one constant, my one voice of reason and maturity and I am grateful to have had you. I adore you to no end and you are secretly my hearts hero. Even in a time that having heroes is a concept that is scoffed at, you are mine. You are the valiant, the purposed, the driven. You are the humble, the noble, the sagacious. You are the example that I have been blessed with to know how to work, how to be loved, how to love, how to live, and most importantly, how to be present.

I thank you for being the legend in my life. With you, I have traveled to the land of my dreams, seen the beauty of my island and developed a love for mankind that is matched only by your own. You have taught me how to roast a breadfruit and pick the best pear. You have taught me to trust my instincts and that the buck stops at my very own feet. You have shown me that no matter what happens in life, I am never that far from ghetto life or the lap of luxury and I should be grateful for each blessing.

I thank you for teaching me that the principle is what matters, our word is the least that we have and family comes first. You taught me to dance, to laugh and to sing. You taught me to love, to forgive and to be thankful. You taught me to be faithful, to be loyal and be honest. You taught me to fight, to be adamant and to be flexible. You taught me about life.

Most of all, I thank you for being here, being present in not just my life but our lives. Unlike many men, you did not run off and disappear, you stayed. You stayed when others would have run. Seven children is not an easy task for a couple much less one man to handle, but you did. Admittedly you had help, but you were at the core of it all. Through it all you have shown us all the things a man should be, strong, wise, humble, protective, godly, loving, kind, peaceful, faithful.

I am happy to be born to you, I am glad God chose you to be my father and the tribe of siblings I’ve been blessed with.

Love Always,

The Middle One