There are a few things that I find are true to my palate, they can make or break a meal and really change the direction of a dinner conversation. I speak about food all the time with friends, family, on twitter, facebook, here . . . So yes, I am a foodie.
I figure, with all the wisdom I can muster, I should share the little things that makes food so good that I dance or spoils it so much I’ll not return.

  1. When it comes to beef, Well Done = Over Cooked. This is more so in chain restaurants, anywhere Jamaican, and pretty much anywhere that isn’t home or serves in tiny portions.
  2. A good sauce covers all manner of evils. I promise, unseasoned flour is not noticed under a good sauce.
  3. On that note: Sauce is meant to enhance the plate, not be the star. Food should taste good with or without sauce. Seriously.
  4. My eye & my tongue are very good friends. If it looks sloppy, I am already knowing my maximum is two bites – even if I am starved. I do not like slap dash looking things especially if it is meant to touch my insides.
  5. Huge portions do not make up for bland food. Quality of food is way more important than quantity of food. Scientifically, if your food is spiced and seasoned well, people are filled more quickly so there’s no reason to overfeed.
  6. Everywhere sells burgers, so you can use it as a measuring stick of quality and price. A friend told me this in 1998, since then, I have used it as a standard bearer for my many food spots. It does hold true.
  7. Nothing beats having a bar that is appropriate for your food. A burger bar needs beer, a steak house needs (red) wines, and restaurant needs to have a mixologist. A drink that compliments your meal can make all the difference in the world.
  8. God made food, therefore, having it as close to how God made it is probably the best it’s going to taste. Processed foods are never as yummy as fresh food. I promise this holds true in any version of life.
  9. Overcooked veggies are why children “don’t like vegetables”. A good way to know if your veggies are over cooked – they once were brightly coloured and they now are dark, they once had crunch, now they are limp. Steam, roast or saute veggies, NEVER boil them. Veggies are great when done right, gross when done wrong.
  10. Plates that are thought out have flavours that enhance each other and have a common thread that makes it a meal. So,  chow mien & curry goat do NOT belong on the same plate, nor do pizza & mashed potatoes. Think about the entire meal when cooking, that way the entire plate is a symphony not a random sampler.
  11. Food tastes better when you’re not starved. We can’t help it, we don’t know how anything tastes when we’re trying to fill the ginormous gap in our bellies. If you are hungry but not starved, you can take the time to taste the food you’re eating and reaaaally enjoy it.
  12. There is this odd decadence with fresh fruit, like a cheesecake covered in fresh strawberries somehow is more scrumptious than “fruit topping”. Fresh fruit, freshly whipped cream and fresh baked pastry together make a dessert taste like the food of the God’s. Switch any of those for something out of a can and it just doesn’t come across as decadent – it suddenly feels like mall food.
  13. Chocolate is great, Chocolate + Coffee is AMAZING!
  14. Simplicity wins the prize always. When too many things are done to food, my tastebuds and my brain begin to wonder what are you hiding. (In high school I found out they would pepper the overnight food & soup so no one would pick up it was old – lunch has never been the same)
  15. I will always want to knowhow something was made if I enjoyed it, I will not try to make it at home, I will return to have it at least once more.
  16. I crave Red Meat. I like the taste of it, the smell of it, the texture of it, the ways I can top it or leave it naked and still think OMG! YUM! I enjoy seasoning it, cooking it, eating it. I love red meat.
  17. My most amazing meal was with Taj, we had Lobster that was done with a lemongrass & garlic butter. No, I do not remember anything else about that meal or day.
  18. My favorite restaurant for soups is Red Bones. Every soup I  have had there makes me have to tell myself not to order a second. I have never been disappointed with their soups. NEVER.
  19. My favorite dessert in Jamaica is Guilt Trip’s Strawberry Tart. Layers of fresh strawberry with a light curd in a pie crust. Perfection. No fandangles, no fuss, just fruit in a crust.
  20. My newest food obsession is finding the best burger in Jamaica with Renz. We may blog about it together, we may not, but we are DEFINITELY looking for the best burger we can buy.
Steak is Good when done right