I must take this time out to apologise to my readers. I have been absent for at least 6 weeks, it may have been longer.

Here’s the synopsis of all the madness that has happened in my world:
1. Mannatt / Coke inquiry – I’m very opinionated and have an issue with this whole circus. It lies both in the fact that my tax dollars are being spent and the fact that it feels more theatrical than factual. Nothing further will be said for now.
2. I keep trying to be a good student and am failing miserably at it. Seriously – the semester ends in 3 weeks and I have no clue about anything.
3. The most important reason of all, my major event for the year – Fun In The Son, was this past weekend. It takes a lot of energy to do this event. We have almost 1400 volunteers, 400 staff, 300 musicians/artistes/ministers, 150 Media persons, 500 Pastors & Guests, and over 100,000 patrons. God always goes big and shocks us.

Once again, Sorry for my absence. I’m back, and I am going to do my “Love Letters” so Jamaipanese won’t give me an e-box :P

Tye Tribbett performing at Fun In The Son 2011