Yes, this is a post about yumminess!

Sometime back I told you about some nice places in St. Andrew to just chill & hang out, this is from one of them.

The Cannonball Cafe’s Lemon Square:

One day, I was having lunch at Cannonball in Barbican and felt dessert-ish, not one for the very sweet, I took a chance at their Lemon Square.

It was a very humble looking thing, plain, soft, simple little rectangle with a puff of white on the side. Then I made a mistake, I tasted it and oh! what a taste it was. It was perfection in a square. The lemon was fresh, real Jamaican lemon, not sour, and not overburdened by sugar. The crumble on top was perfect, soft but not mucky, balancing the lemon underneath with just enough texture and taste. Then I said “Hmnn, is that icing? or is it something yummy?” Ha! It was FRESHLY WHIPPED CREAM. I started bouncing from utter joy. This was not Cool Whip or some other whipped topping, it was real. It made the already perfect square, heavenly.

I know it seems I’m making a big deal out of something simple. However, when you know the difference between well made pastries and what passes as “good desserts”, you celebrate each time someone does it right.

So I celebrate Cannonball Cafe’s Lemon Square! Fresh ingredients, simple, tasty, scrumptious and delicious. When you do something right, there’s no need to fuss and add lots of decorations. Leave it naked, let my taste buds discover it’s every layer of flavour, the truth will shine through.

Lemon Square, Twymans & Catherine's Peak

Sadly, Cannonball doesn’t have a website or fan page or twitter for me to link to, however, I still recommend them.