Challenge: Your fashion style

LoL! I doubt I would ever be associated with fashion or be the one considered to have style. I am almost sure that any of the fashionistas who spot me either dismiss me mentally or desire to fix me. I tend to draw that kind of reaction.

This however doesn’t mean that I am blind to fashion, in fact, I am mentally drawn to it. Fashion attracts me in both an artistic and anthropological sense. I am interested in the creative process of a designer and how they bring that vision into reality – couture (in its purest sense) is a designers purest expression of their creative being; and ready-to-wear their bread and butter which allows them to produce the grandiose visions of their couture line.

All that being said…

My personal fashion style is what I would call appropriate comfort. Huh!? Yes, this is my own version of style. Comfort is always the most important factor in my choice of clothing. ALWAYS. I will not leave my bedroom if I am uncomfortable. One of the things that affects my comfort level is appropriateness. This means, as comfortable as I am in a sarong, I will not be going to a wedding in one – no, not even a beach wedding.
That being said, certain things seem to trend in my life. They are:

  1. Somehow there is always something PUMA on my person.
  2. I can be found in sandals or flip-flops 70% of the time, sneakers 20% and heels 10%
  3. I wear my hair in a bun or braid almost exclusively.
  4. I rarely wear make-up beyond lip gloss.