Challenge: How you found out about blogging & why you made one.

I’ve known about blogs almost as long as I’ve known any connective site (social media) and I honestly have no idea who first spoke it within my ear shot. I have however, tried blogging before in a couple forms, entries on MySpace, Hi5, Facebook and Blogger – it just never stuck.

Then I was looking on the “upcoming” year (2010) and how I wanted to change and prepare for employment. I realised, that I was always happier when writing, didn’t matter where but definately not when I’m restricted. Then it occured to me that I had spent 11 years writing for others.

It felt as though I had lost my “voice” and decided that I would claim it back through writing. I wrote and let no one read it at first. I wanted to find steady footing before I let anyone know. Now here I am, enjoying what I started out being scared of.

I must take this opportunity to mention the blog(ger)s I have enjoyed over the years:

They made me want to blog:

I now read these guys all the time:

Just know this, blogging has been an entertaining experience, which has given me a new outlet of expression. I am happy I started :)