Challenge: A song that makes you smile.

Wow! This could be sooo many songs… how about I post 3 songs?

1. Always the romantic, this had to be in here:

Key Lyrics: ‘Cause every time you hold me in your arms, I’m comfortable enough to feel your warmth

2. This was introduced to me 2 months ago and I’m still smiling:

Key Lyrics: Her lips, her lips, I could kiss all day if she’d let me

3. Can never leave Disney out :)

Key Lyrics: Can your friends go abracadabra, let ‘er rip and let the sucker disappear?

Key Lyrics: Free to run around all day, Free to do it all my way

4. This song can wake me up any day ~ the combo of these two was just a smart move for my radio

Key Lyrics: Heels, mek, gyal, fret.


There is so much more that could be added to this but this is more than was asked for, so yep :)