Challenge: What you would find in your bag.

First let me tell you about the bag that seems to be stitched to my body:

It is a 2007 Puma Ferrari SF Shoulder Bag. It has 3 zippered compartments, including one that contains penholders and a smaller zippered pocket, and another which contains a built-in padded laptop case which seems to only fit the 13″ MacBook (now Pro) perfectly. I met this design while working in the Puma flagship store in Tropical Plaza, for the Christmas. I wanted it, I lusted after it, I prayed for it. Yes, it made my heart go boopity-boop-boop. Normally, we’d be able to put something like this on hold, but this was Christmas – nothing can be put on hold if it’s in the store. I tried encouraging people to buy from the Puma BMW line instead, but alas, the last one sold on December 23rd. I checked the warehouse, the other possible stores, no one had them and they were NOT on the re-order list.  Yes, I was sad.

Adding salt to the wound, I was the one who sold it.

Either way, there were bigger things going on. My uncle, died, and we had his funeral to fly up to – it was here that fate smiled on me and my bag lust. I was asked by my Auntie G, how was it in the store. I told her about it, the good, the bad and the lust. Yes, even in the midst of the icy Toronto winter I was lusting for my bag. So my Aunty G charged her little brother with finding the bag, someway, somehow. I don’t know what he did or who he bribed, but for my 30th birthday it was wrapped in a package just for me :)

Yes, almost 3 years later it is going strong and has gone with me almost everywhere :)


If you are wondering about my phone, keys, or any other normal thing like that, well that’s what pockets are for. Oh, and just in case you were wondering about make-up, I rarely wear anything beyond lip gloss & that fits in my pocket.

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