Challenge: Your nicknames & why you have them.

In general, I do not have or accept nicknames. However, there are a few select people who have bestowed upon me names that I do answer to.

CLOSE FAMILY members use: Shik-Shak, Shik-Shik, Shiks, or Shiki (No, I will not answer random people who try these on for size.)

Djuvane dubbed me “Sha”. Others have tried to use it, it just doesn’t fit. No lie though, if I was spinning music, I’d want to be known as DJ Sha. I liked this one so much, my signature changed and it now reflects this.

Kamal one day decided my name is “Shi-ki-shi”. A few other unrelated people call me by this, but it is as a result of mispronouncing my name.

and finally, Broomie, was bestowed upon me by the UTech Students’ Union Council 2009/10. I feel a sense of pride and honour in the story of how I got this name. Summer ’09 we were preparing the centers for the Students’ Union’s *Teach The Youth programme. I was a part of the cleaning crew. Being a part of the clean-up crew, we walked to all the centers to clean them, including sweeping. This meant walking through Papine with all the equipment we were using and planning to store at the centers. I happened to be the holder of the brooms :S – yup, all the brooms. My fellow councilor, “Hot Head”, overheard people trying to figure out if I was a “Broomie” and wondering how much my brooms were for. Note that this was only compounded by the many people calling out Broomie to me along the walk and asking to buy my brooms.

* I will post about Teach the Youth and other Council experiences one day