Challenge: What you would do if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant.

Simple answer:
Have child, raise child, watch child leave and have their own life.

Long Answer:
It has never been a doubt in my life that if at ANY point I miraculously become pregnant that I would be carrying the child. Abortion has never been my option, what was a thought at various stages is adoption. I’m beyond that point now. So yeah, leads me to point 2.

Having and raising a child is an immense responsibility. I am extremely opinionated on anything and everything to do with children. Yes, this is all without being an actual parent. No, my opinions aren’t going to change without proof to the contrary, even then, maybe not. How comes? I’m passionate about children and believe that raising them is a sacred portfolio to have.

Therefore, I believe, that even IF you are unable to give your child to the “best”, you have a responsibility to helping to prepare them for the best possible life. This means finding time to teach them values and ettiquette, groom their character, encourage reading, exposing them to the arts, various cultures, aspects of society, allowing them to choose their life path after giving them the tools to be great.

A child is always a blessing and a gift from God and like all His gifts, we are unworthy of them and should cherish them and treat them in a manner worthy of one of God’s gifts.



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