I live in two worlds, born in the cusp of two generations, I am an analog being who loves my digital world. Quite a conundrum that poses I must say. It however is wonderful at times. Today was one of those days: Today, after not doing it for a while, I have resumed journaling. YES!



Why the excitement? Well because as much as I love my BB and my MacBook, they are limited in expressing my emotion in the way that my own handwriting does. Seriously. Go through any of my past journals, you will see writing that goes from tiny words to letters that look like art, accompanied by sketches and doodles.

The difference with this journal though is that it is a Futures Journal.

What is a Futures Journal? Well, I just made up the term today as I decided to give my journal an inscription of purpose. Use it if you want :)

A Futures Journal is a journal in which you put down the things you want in your life. Not in a “Let me sit down and work it all out” way, but more organically created. It is a place to jot things down as you get inspired, and a thing to look at when you get discouraged. More importantly, it’s a place to cross off thins as you achieve them. So, from the frivolous to the deep, jot it down, walk with it, be inspired.

Today I started a page: Kitchen Staples. It included things like Sea Salt, canned tomatoes, cornstarch. Why? because these things are important to the lifestyle I desire to have :)

Yes, I’m on a roll for the new year :) Up next: Vision Board!