Challenge: Something you love about yourself.

Really? Are you sure?

I love my ability to connect with people. I am able to connect with people in one encounter and make them feel comfortable and at ease very quickly. I have no awkward phases with people, so it makes doing many things easier. It allows me to make lasting impressions on persons and once recognised, it makes decision makers automatically choose me to represent them. My debate coach once said that pairing me with anyone on a team is easy, cause I meld well with others so I will always be paired with the most difficult person. That’s ok, I don’t mind, I tend to see as easy what others see as difficult anyway :)

The best part of it, is that it has allowed me to connect with some of the most interesting people. If this ability to connect wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have been allowed to see the good in so many people. I wouldn’t have been able to learn the stories of so many broken hearts. I wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to show love to so many people. I may only have one chance to show someone hope, love, laughter, comfort – this ability allows me to do that. Connect with others on a deeper level than most.

I am grateful for it, because this odd ability has helped me be an effective team member, leader, counselor, negotiator, ambassador, client and friend.

Yay for instant connections :)



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