Challenge: Your favorite female group.

This is ridiculous, I’d have an easier time choosing a fave female singer, and we already know how decisive I am on faves…

I could have cheated and pulled up any random Motown group, or even a 90’s soul group, maybe even call Salt n Peppa out of retirement. No, I didn’t cheat, I thought about it, and truthfully the only female group I really listen to of late is the group Barlow Girl.

Barlow Girl is a Christian Rock group who seem to write out of a dark place while acknowledging hope. Even in songs of abandonment their lyrics seem to reflect a knowledge that all is not lost. They do not present a saccharin picture of Christianity, there is no “it’s all rainbows and sunshine” in their music, it’s more, today is a rough day and I don’t feel you but I know you’re there kind of thing.

Yes, it seems conflicted, but so much of life is that way, and more personally, I tend to be.




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