Challenge: A letter to one of your exes.

Oh Boy! Here we go…

To my first love,

I remember the day we met. You were the cutest guy I had ever seen. You told me that the mattresses on the balcony were a space ship – and my imagination followed you. When we played games like house around the neighbourhood, we always played husband & wife. I guess it was fitting, being that we were our own version of a couple. As we got older, and our friendship deepened, I appreciated you more and more. I think we made the right decision to split. We really were more best friends than anything else.

As much as I loved you then, I would grow to love you more after. Now as I learn more of the truth, I love you even more.

I loved you more when my mommy died and you let me cry in your arms and gave me your bed. I loved you even more after Chad told me you wanted to avenge her death. I loved you more as you defended my honour, when your friend lied about me, especially being that he was so much taller than you. I loved you even more, when I found out, you were the reason no one tried to touch me as a teenager. You let everyone know I was off limits, that I was to be treasured and not some notch in anyone’s bedpost.

You protected me, defended me, loved me.

I have had the most wonderful opportunity in being a part of your life ever since, you have been my friend, confidant, brother. I have seen you grow up and go through some of the most interesting and difficult times. I have watched you struggle to prove yourself a man when others wanted you to remain a child. I have been there when you celebrated, and there when you cried. I have been allowed into your most vulnerable places, because you trust me as much as I trust you. I have seen the man that you have become and I am proud to call you my friend, to consider you family.

I hope that as life continues, you fulfill your dreams and desires. I hope your business grows and makes an impact on Jamaica. I hope you find an amazing woman to spend the rest of your life with. I hope you have children that adore you and call me Aunty Shiks. I hope that you get to see them grow up and be happy. I hope you find your bliss.

Love you much




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