Challenge: Your best friend.

This is the impossible request. I have a problem with calling anyone my bestest friend. My closest friends however are: Kamal, Djuvane, Mishka, Leel, Tamille, Gillian and Taj. They are permanently in my life. I trust them without reservation. They know more about me than any other person, yet they love me anyway.

However, beyond all that, beyond the concepts of friendship, sisterhood, and everything in between the one person that I have been to hell and back with, run from dogs with and climbed through barbed wire with is Saidah.

Through time never ending, Sai is the one who knows my heart. The one who even when on the other side of the planet knows when to call. The one who will be there with sneakers at my wedding – just in case :). Sai, is the one that I without a doubt would fight on behalf of. The one whose heart I will defend. The one whose heart I know as well as my own. In Sai, I have more than a sister, more than a friend, in her I have a soul mate.*


*I think we have already spoken about soul mates.


*The 30-Day Challenge List*