Challenge: Your definition of love.

Love is one of those things that is difficult for many to describe, yet we know it when we see it. We see it in the way an old couple responds to one another, or in the moment a mother smiles with her child. We see it in the vows people make. Yet we cannot seem to describe it with complete accuracy and totality.

Here are my views:

Love is a VERB, it is active not passive, you cannot love someone and do nothing. Love cares for you when you are unwell, prays for you when your soul needs warmth, listens when you need an ear. Love is active.

Love is like ENERGY, once it exists, it always is. It may change form, but it doesn’t just disappear. Love can change from platonic, to romantic, to familial (not necessarily in that order). I simply believe that love, not lust or infatuation, will always exist if it truly exists.

I know this much to be true, when I love, it means I want the absolute best for your life. I want you to be happy, at peace, fulfilled and prosperous.

This is how I see love. This is how I love.


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