It’s almost a new year and most of us have made resolutions with little hope of keeping them. We make them with the greatest of intentions but with little faith as we have become jaded. Because of this, we approach resolutions half-hearted, they are our token to the new calendar. A semi-wish, waiting to be dissolved in a few weeks.

I believe there is hope, there is a way to become better at this, setting goals and actually working towards achieving them not just dropping them like hot potatoes by Valentines. There is a method to being resolute in our New Year goals.

Here are my thoughts:

Step 1:
Set meaningful goals. What the hell? Aren’t they always meaningful? Nope, they always sound good but that means little in reality. “I will lose 10lbs” or “I will have a man” sounds really nice but what does that mean? Nothing.

Step 2:
Write them out. Do this like you would a sentence outline. Each goal it’s own independent point working towards a better you than you were this year. Doesn’t matter what the goals are, just make them a complete thought. You can always use the S.M.A.R.T. method: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Time Bound.

Step 3:
Set the Vision. Gather visual cues for your desires and place them somewhere you can see them often. Some people use a vision board, others make a screen saver, some cover a notebook, and some put them on their fridge. Visual cues are simply something that represents what you are hoping to achieve, a pic of Malcolm Gladwell can represent wanting to be an author for example.

Step 4:
One step at a time. Write out some daily things you can do to move you towards the goals. Planning helps. Knowing that walking 45 minutes everyday is going to help you lose weight gives you a daily activity to help you get there.

Step 5:
Be like Nike. Just Do It! Cliche as that sounds, you have to start doing it. Every book starts with a single letter, every pearl with a grain of sand. Nothing gets done that hasn’t begun.

Step 6:
Assess & Adjust. Look on your goals, your activities, your achievements & take some time to assess where you are and adjust if necessary the activities to lead you to the next step.

Step 7:
Report & Reward. Once you’ve gotten along and started moving towards your goals, tell those who will celebrate with you & give yourself a gift for what you’ve done.

Join me on this journey into 2011 as I hope to stick to my resolutions and become a better person than I am today.

My Resolutions:

  1. Become a more balanced person, in my commitments, lifestyle, efforts.
  2. Develop a new creative outlet.
  3. Participate in the 2011 Reggae Marathon.