Admittedly, she’s not my type at all, she’s the marrying kind, just not my marrying kind. She’s not what I thought I would like yet I can’t help but love all that I have experienced of her.


I love her voice, the raw honesty of it. I love the sound of her music, the simple complexity of it. Her sound is clean yet complicated, elegant yet emotional, classic but brand new. I love her sound.

I love that she is not the average, undernourished, blonde bombshell. Don’t get it twisted, she is beautiful, quirky and cute with a look of unimaginable depth in her eyes. All of this is drowned out by how well she has mastered her instrument – her voice.

I first heard her music while cruising through some dance videos, yes I like watching dance, and had to find the song. I googled the lyrics, found the song, searched the artiste and found more songs.  A new love was born.

Just so you can fall in love with her too here are some more videos:

and the newest one: