I read a post and was inspired so I’m doing a slight rip-off of it.

10 Sources of Inspiration (Daily, Blog-wise, Life)

  1. God’s Handy Work, also known as nature. The details put into a leaf or a thumbprint or a sunset.
  2. Food, well good food anyway. A meal prepared with care and love will beat any mass made or sloppy dish any day.
  3. Children, they’re just so innocent and filled with wonder
  4. People with very little doing a lot
  5. Disciplined, determined, driven people
  6. My island home, Jamaica :)
  7. Twitter (or advances in technology, communication, marketing etc…)
  8. My friends/soul mates/fambily
  9. The people of Jamaica
  10. The bloggosphere (eg. this post was inspired by Mrs Randoms Ramblings)

10 Guaranteed Smiles

  1. My nieces & Nephews – they light up my life.
  2. The child like wonder that overcomes my Dad when he sees insects or pretty much all of nature.
  3. Friends that I can be an idiot with just as much as I can be deep with
  4. Knowing I earned my Drivers License on the first attempt.
  5. Adventures with Sai-Sai – who really climbs through barbed wire?
  6. The Beauty of Nature, God’s creations are amazing.
  7. Khaluki (or Kalooki) – any day, any time, any where
  8. Fun In The Son
  9. Being proven right.
  10. Love – no matter the shape or form it comes in it is always beautiful

10 Treasured Moments

  1. Becoming a Member of COTR
  2. The birth of my youngest sibling
  3. Getting accepted to university
  4. Silent conversations on Far-Q
  5. Hitting Mark with the bottle of “red juice”
  6. Beating UTA in a Worlds University Debating Championship match
  7. Meeting Shaggy (the first time)
  8. Doubling up Sharon for the first (and only) time
  9. Baking cookies with Amanda
  10. Seeing Japan for the first time

Nothing is in order, nothing is a priority, it’s just random ramblings, inspired by Ms. Random