The Jamaica Observer interviews persons of “high standing” on their necessary luxuries and being that I do not qualify for their paper, I decided I qualify for mine :)

Let me say this first: Like many things in life I believe both terms are relative, Necessary & Luxury, I therefore encourage you to make your own list. I am tagging a couple bloggers at the end to see what’s on their list, no rules, no arguments, just what are your necessary luxuries?

Here goes:

  1. My MacBook Pro, I do sometimes wonder how I ever existed without it. I communicate, learn, connect with this device.
  2. My Digicel Blackberry, not the most advanced device, not even the one I dream about, but it keeps me connected. With family sprawled all over the globe – BBM keeps us connected from Afghanistan to Canada, to Texas, to Florida, to Dubai and here in Jamaica.
  3. iPod nano (5th generation) not just my personal music collection, I’ve also got radio, a video camera, a pedometer – can’t get that on the new one..
  4. Bridget Sandals, there are imitations of her work worldwide but a pair of handcrafted leather sandals concieved in the mind of this phenomenal woman is yet to be duplicated. There is nothing that cannot be worn with a pair of Bridget Sandals, from swimsuit to ball gown there is a pair to compliment them all.
  5. Notebooks. In a digital age, the notebook feels as luxurious as a real book. The ability to express yourself with writing or doodles or silliness and see your handiwork is irreplaceable by any font created by someone else.
  6. Last but not least: Friends, real ones are necessary and unfortunately are a luxury as many persons have never had the opportunity of having any.

Seems simple, doesn’t it? Now it’s your turn, I hereby tag: