For the past few months I’ve been telling people that I’m “auditioning churches”. Though it is an odd way to describe it, I am looking for a place of worship and fellowship (in that order thank you). The issue though, is that this is just a technicality – I just really haven’t been getting out of my bed and going. This is a sad state of personal affairs, as I want to find a new home church, I seem to feel so guilty about abandoning my current home church I’d rather sleep in (or find a beach).

I have plotted against my procrastination over the years by eliminating excuses, so let me eliminate an excuse here and now: What am I looking for in an iHoW?

Looking for:

  • Word from God which speaks to me
  • Great Worship
  • Acceptance of individuality (God didn’t make only 5 types of humans)
  • Small Groups Ministry
  • Outreach Ministry
  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Scripture Strong Sermons
  • Practical & Logical over Emotional urgings
  • Accountability amongst and to members (this includes fiscal)
  • Congregants whom I can connect to

Running from:

  • Church People
  • Cliched Sermons
  • Opinion over Biblical Substance
  • Condescending Members
  • Brimstone & Doom services
  • Give Me Your Money sermons/pastors
  • Attraction to me for my Associations
  • Clique dominated congregation
  • Church Classicism
  • Divisive preaching
  • Off limit leaders

If you have any suggestions of where I should look or questions about why am I even looking at all – say something.