I Love Food! I enjoy everything about it, cooking, eating, smelling, observing, I love it all. I believe food is the ultimate expression of a person and their emotions.

What I can’t stand are people’s attitude towards food service. Both those in it and those outside of it seem to treat it with a level of disdain and scorn. This is unfortunate, because this is one area that your emotions affect everything.

If you are in food service:

Make no mistake, your customers can tell how much you enjoy or hate what you are doing when they see the plate or taste the food. When you love what you are doing, or at least are passionate about the industry, it shows. This is why some people have a favorite server or waiter or chef or bartender – we know when you are being mechanical or worse, sloppy. How? The food looks slapped onto to the plate as though it’s screaming “just get me out of this place”; the food is inconsistent or consistently blah; something is always off when you touch the food; in my case, the food upsets my stomach.

It may not be your dream job making me a whopper at Burger King, but choose to be happy that you have a job, good attitudes mean good business. If you become good for business then more opportunities will present itself. Bonus: The happier you choose to be, the easier those hours pass, the bigger the tips and the nicer customers are to you.

When you are the customer:

Do not get it twisted – food service is an honorable profession. No, I’m not speaking just about the owner of the place, I am speaking about all the people who make it work. Yes, it may seem homely to work behind a counter or to clean off tables but it is one of those things you have to do to understand. Simply put, Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

There are some things you should be mindful of as a customer: YOU are about to EAT what THEY are serving you – you have little control over spit entering your food; making food for 500 persons is not as simple as making something at home for yourself; anyone that’s been on their feet for 10 hours smiling at rude people deserves a medal; be rude today, get worse service tomorrow; remember there is more shame in sex for money than in food service.

I take food personal, I do understand it is because of how I think of food. I know not all people see food as a form of artistic or emotional expression or even as something to be enjoyed, however anything worth doing, is worth doing well. That includes cooking, serving or eating food.

For your Visual pleasure:

Fish with Bammy Sticks
Good Jamaican Oxtail
Sushi to my belly :)

Please note all pics are borrowed from random places – I use Google