I feel me folding into myself tonight
But I don’t want to,
I feel me crumbling inside myself
But I don’t want to die,

I feel lost and alone and I know I need You.
I need to remember who I am in You,
I need to not hide away anymore,
I need to step into the glory of You,

My heart has cried out Your name
It longs to be touched by You,
My memories won’t let it,
My mind rejects your touch,

I feel the pain of hurts long ago,
My heart bleeds tears tonight,
I never let You in completely,
Never let You calm the child that cries

So here I sit, Unrenewed mind, Unhealed heart,
Hoping I learn to trust this time,
Hoping I can remember who You are,
Remember You love me
Remember that outside of You,
I hurt, I cry, I fear, I hide,
With You I can shatter the mask,
With You I can truly smile

You’ve loved me for longer than I’ve known,
And I’ve rejected You so many times now,
I’ve hurt you over and over again,
Yet You, You’ve loved me through it all

Now I sit here, Unrenewed mind, Unhealed heart,
Hoping it’s not too late for me,
Hoping what they say is truly real,
That Your love has no bounds,
That Your grace is endless
Hoping everything I’ve heard is true
That someway, somehow you really love me too
Yes, I wonder,
Can I ever be worthy of You?
Can I ever deserve Your love?