Sad to say, I still feel this way about Valentines Day. My ability to express these feelings have somewhat evolved since this post, but the root remains the same.


Wednesday, 14 February 2007 at 03:37

Soooooo, It’s Cupids Day again.

The day where the single folk seem to shrink into non-existence and coupledom seems to bloom. The day when all the corny people say I Love You, Kiss or have sex for the first time, and the TRULY CORNY ones propose. Yes it is here AGAIN!

I on the single hand, however believes that though Hallmark did not actually come up with this day, they make waaay too much money off of it. It is truly pathetic to wait on this day to make someone feel special, if you really love them you dont need a day to point it out. Just as a proposal is no more special on this day as it is on any other. *Note to males: you could say it from behind prison walls she will remember it as the best day of her life until the wedding day, which then falls behind each childs birth* You can propose in many ways, but at KFC on V-Day is just bland. Why not in the presence of her family? or better yet her church? pretty much in the presence of the people that matter to her is generally a good way….. or while she sleeps, just slip the ring on her finger. But do not use the engagement to get out of actually getting her a Valentines Day gift.

Either way, coupled or single, V-Day is not a priority for me. I would rather you go big on my birthday and something just us on V-Day if you must.

The point of my rant really is this: Expressions on Cupids Day means nothing if thats the only time you are going to do it. So give gifts whenever you see it, say I love you with each time you get the opportunity and Propose when the time is really right, not just when it’s convenient.

Bless Up