So in the online world, there are some things I love and some I hate. Like I LOVE free information, but I hate that it is unreliable. I LOVE Twitter, but I hate that I can’t control who follows me. Either way, I really love blogs, so much so that I previously tried to blog and I look on sites and wonder why they don’t just admit they’re a blog…

Anyway here are some blogs I enjoy much:

Friends Blogs:
Gordon Swaby
Khaleel’s Blog
Impartial Perception
Marlon James
Watching A Miracle

Interesting Blogs:
The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs
Ivan Kristic
Apartment Therapy
The Matie Chronicles
Not So Humble Pie
One Forty Plus (I preffered his old one on Honeye)

Professional / Directed Blogs (aka admit that you’re a blog please)
Webdesigner Depot
The Die Line
Design Informer
The Huffington Post

So here’s to the Month of March! I dub thee “Bloggers Month” the month I celebrate the joy of Blogs :)