I am tired of this kind of thing (please watch first)

Why would you do that? She is your family, and even if she wasn’t that’s still wrong! I wish I could have sympathy on you, decide that your socio-economic background has taught you this or told you it is ok but I would just be lying to myself. You nasty disgusting worm! I wish my country believed in torture, legally anyway, so we could slowly slice pieces of your skin off and release you so no one would come near you out of fear. Or even if we had law that dismembers some part of your body that is visible so all would see that you are a disgusting bastard that does not deserve a conversation. I hope all people that do what you just tried to do suffer, and suffer for long, and for all the days of your life.

The rant being over, I have a personal issue with child abuse. Regardless of the form. I believe young people are to be protected and valued. Unfortunately there are members of society who believe the young are chattel. Protect them. Report Abuse where you see it. And if you’re in Jamaica, feel free to beat them in the mean time… JOKE! Do not beat them, report them, help the future be a little brighter.