Why does everyone always try to dash these mad people on our country? Why? Did we make them into the idiots they clearly are? Seriously, people think about it…

I first noticed this claim them as ours when they do well but blame them on you when they do bad mentality that the “first-world” media / people / governments seem to have with Ben Johnson. Who is Ben Johnson? Well, up until he tested positive for drugs, he was Canada’s star Olympian (Sprinter, record holder @ 9.83), he was the “best known Canadian on the globe“. If you go to that link, the intro for the radio clip even says “Toronto’s Ben Johnson” yet the in the Television clip you know where him come from.  Reality check: HE DID NOT GET THE DRUGS HERE! Check the COACH you gave him (who was later connected to Marion Jones).

Beyond that point, especially in athletics where there is more media attention I noticed it. Ours when they’re great, yours when they’re caught. I kinda got used to it, until these last two Olympics, hmmnnn suddenly we were hearing that so and so is of Jamaican heritage, yet they don’t admit that I see his sorry ass on the field up at UTech. But they do admit this is where he is from.

So here are some Jamaicans or of Jamaican heritage people who have done well for themselves:

Madge Sinclair (first female Starship Captain, Queen Aoleon, Sarabi, Belle)

Harry Belafonte (sang Day-O, actor in numerous movies, political activist)

Sheryl Lee Ralph (remember her most recently as Dee, the step-mom in Moesha)

Colin Powell (first black man to serve on the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the USA)

Biggie Smalls (though I not sure if I proud of this one)

Sarita Choudhury (Mississippi Masala, Kama Sutra, Lady In The Water)

Marlon James (Author, University Lecturer, Blogger, NAACP Image Awards Nominee, Former CEO, Former Jamaican :P )

Sanya Richards (400M Champion)

Busta Rymes

Patrick Ewing

People I DO NOT believe their issues or crimes can or should be laid at our feet:


The child who shot people in DC aka Lee Boyd Malvo (I still feel bad for his Moms but somehow partially blame her)

The IDIOT who shot up the Subway in New York aka Colin Ferguson

and various other things like that…

I believe that crime is crime and must be punished, but passing the buck or ownership of blame or root of issue is unjust. The question a good journalist must ask and find the answer to, is “what was the catalyst?” Once that question is answered and the pattern reveals that you have trained all your enemies and created hatred within your own borders against your own people maybe then you will begin to recognise that you must first change so that you can become a more POSITIVE influence over the world and not simply a “force to be reckoned with”