I know we are all quite focused on Haiti and the initial earthquake that hit it last week. We have all made efforts to give in the ways we can, yet we still feel helpless, well most of us do. We soothe our clear inability to fix it or alleviate the terror in the hearts of people we never met by donating money, clothes, shoes, food. We hope that the right help gets to them quickly, and the money we gave does the right thing, not pay administrative fees, we hope the clothes we gave, keeps them warm and that they have enough tarpaulin to keep them sheltered.

It is scary what is going on in the Caribbean, we have had a 50 earthquakes above 2.5 in the region, including in Haiti, Venezuela, Cayman Islands, Colombia, just within the past 7 days. This is the plate we sit on, and it makes us weary and cautious. For us in Jamaica, we are both hoping and praying that we do not have one and even if we do, that it is mild. We are aware of the burdens of our people and do not want to halt any help we can offer others in our region, who even at their best, are not as well off as we are.

There are a special set of people who are on my heart and I am burdened for them, the volunteers on the ground there. This includes the doctors, rescue workers, army personnel, people who have offered themselves in any way to be there, digging through the rubble, feeding the people, distributing our gifts, reporting on the events, holding the hands and burying the dead. I pray that they do not become weary, that they do not lose hope, that they do not become hard-hearted. Even more, I pray that they do not themselves become victims of this tragedy. That they do not suffer because of the suffering they see. I pray that they always jump at the opportunity to help others.

I am grateful that these people exist, that their hearts are open and their sense of duty to other human beings causes them to use their strengths and talents and gifts to help. I am grateful that they have the assets to make a difference, the difference that some of us cannot make.

So to all the volunteers,

THANK YOU for being filled with love, and hope and goodwill.