In reading to the Huffington Post, I saw the saddest thing! This asshole of a guy thought it the best idea to Kick the living daylights out of his girlfriends doggie! GRRRRR!!!

Now why would one do this? Why would you continuously call the dog to you only to kick it across the elevator into the wall? I’m not one who waves the animal rights flag, but this is simply cruel without excuse. It makes me wonder what else is wrong with him…

In Jamaica we don’t do the animal rights thing, dogs don’t sleep in beds or lick owners faces, birds remain in cages not on perches in the living room and truthfully, kids think it’s funny to stone dogs. I think the last point however is directly as a result of fear and being taught by adults that this is ok. But with our attitude towards animals, I wonder why we don’t have more serial murderers? I mean 70% of persons surveyed in Canada who were convicted of violent crimes against people, either admit to or were previously convicted of violent crimes against animals. More so, you have well known serial killers with animal torture in their histories like DahmerBundy, Cunanan, The Boston Strangler, The Son of Sam etc…

I digress, my real point is, being cruel to animals is an indication of your ability to be cruel to humans, and more specifically to be cruel to me. If you can disregard life in any form, you can disregard human life. So when you are laughing about putting the cat in the microwave and fire crackers on the cats tail and I sit there silent and in disbelief, understand that I don’t take it lightly. I doubt you will see me protesting, but that doesn’t mean I understand it. Actually, I just don’t get why it’s still funny to anyone anymore.


I have given a parrot alcohol (he sang for a good 24-hours). I have helped a cat (who went and ate and slept) and a dog (who drank so much water we worried) get “shotgun“. I grew up since then.